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    (I searched the forums and did not find anything about the MadTV clip)

    MadTV originally pitched the Apple iPad back in 2005 as a joke suggesting that Apple would never name a product the "iPad". This clip is too funny. I hope I can attach a web address. Otherwise you can search for it on youtube.

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    The iPad is a joke! Atleast to anyone who doeas more than simply consume info. My grandmother would love this, but I'll stick with my pre and 11.6" "Real" notebook to get things done.
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    I don't think you got my post.

    I'm just posting a funny Apple iPad video that is not from Apple.

    I guess you did not see the attached video [youtube-madtv-ipad]. I'm sure your grandma would not get this version. The MadTV's iPad is geared toward younger women.

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