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    A question for those with both a pre and an ipod touch.

    I can plug my kid's ipod touch into the usb port on the stock palm wall charger and it shows that it's charging. Does anyone know the specs on the charger and if it's compatible?

    I don't want to fry my kid's ipod.
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    It should be close if not the same

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    [QUOTE=Joescan09;2190311]It should be close if not the same[/QUOTE

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    Tried this with my daughter's iPod Touch 4 and it worked like a charm.
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    Tried my Pre's wall charger with my sisters iPod Touch and it works.

    At least it did work. The iPod Touch didn't get fried, but the connector cable is, although I can't say if it's because of the wall charger or because it was a faulty cable.

    Stupid proprietary connectors...

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