I fell in love with the 415 at circut city last week and I am going to buy it now (I think the screen+form-factor+price ROCKS).

I have been reading threads on transitioning from one to the other and it looks as if all I need to do is install the sony software and rely on backup buddy. I dont have any files such as the HS 8mb patch or DB+ stub. Is there anything else I should remove? Do I uninstall the HS palm desktop from my windows 98 desktop PC (or anything else like Hot Sync Mgr or Pocket Mirror)?

I have moved Date Book +, City Time, and Advanced Calc into ram (using a file compression/decompression tool) so they are now backed up in backupbuddy too. Do I need them in the sony? Is there a same or similar app already in the sony rom? Will any of these HS apps cause problems in the sony?

Any other advice that you can give is very welcome!

Thanking you in advance.