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    I'm looking to purchase alot of PDA's for my department and looking for opinions of current users of low-cost PDA's such as Palm m105's, Visor Platinum or Neo's, Sony Clie s320, etc. Does anyone have any views of ones to avoid or have opinions on these? Any help would be helpful

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    What type of Department and what level of usage will you need out of the PDA?

    Just off hand, check's Outlet store. They often sell refurbished units in bulk.
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    Really the needs as far as PDA is concerned are mostly for contacts and calendar/appointments..maybe a little e-mail.

    What I was searching for though, was information on the overall reliability of model's that people current have worked with/owned. Has anyone seen major bugs that are common on one model versus another, etc...things like that...

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    Sell 4 or 5, get one free, that could be pretty cheap!
    Check the HS site for details.
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    A few years ago we issued Palm Vx's to Division Commanders and they held up really good. So far nothing has been released to replace them. They are primarily used for contact and appointment management and are still going strong.

    I would lean towards the Palm m125 or m130 (if you've got to have color) mainly for the multi-media card slot. If size isn't a problem, then the HS Visor would fit your needs and you can find them cheap. If size is a factor, the Sony Clie 360 is a good option. It has the sharper screen and smallest form factor, plus 16mb of onboard memory. All should stand up to daily use with the Clie probably being the more sturdier of the three.

    Palm does offer refurbished units at bulk and if you don't mind last weeks technology the Palm IIIxe sales for $79, a 10-pack for $736. It's a good unit, that should have been updated instead of replaced. It will easily handle contact and appointment management tasks. I think it's sturdier than the "m" series Palms and it always felt thinner than the Visor line.

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