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    1) Stick with the Pre and webOS

    2) Sticking around till June to see if a Pre 2 comes about

    3) When the HTC Supersonic arrives, your standing in line!!

    The HTC Supersonic looks like one BA phone, i will be keeping an eye on it, but i am loving webOS. I find myself using the Pre much more than my laptop, just wish it had a bigger screen, eyes arent getting any younger. Palm just seems like they're always going to be 2 steps behind, Palm would benefit so much from a buyout (Nokia, or Dell perhaps)
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    im not one to jump off the bridge just because the grass looks greener on the other side lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    ZDriver, you post is "so calling" for you to change it to a poll!

    I like the Pre but I think HTC has traditionally had better "build quality" than what we're seeing in the current WebOS devices. Palm either has to make a tank (which the Treo 650, custom manufactured for Palm by HTC, was), or out of necessity I might be looking to other compelling vendors that do. I haven't played around with Android, and I don't like that each device has sort of a "custom made OS build", but if the Supersonic had a really good sense-UI integration and the device did everything I needed out of the box, I would definitely consider switching.

    EDIT: If a Pre2 were out and competing with it, and was the solid tank that the Treo 650 was in terms of hardware quality, the choice would be a lot harder. It might come down to whether a Pre2 supported 4G or not (or if the Pre2 came out ahead of the Supersonic and I didn't want to wait).
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