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    Can anyone recommend a good website for downloading mp3 files? Either for free or a monthly fee?
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    I used eMusic for a year; they had a wide selection of items and it's only $10 a month if you go for the year plan, with unlimited downloads.
    While they don't have all the top names, they have (or did when I dropped it) the entire Lookout! Records catalog, the Creedence box set, almost everything by Apples in Stereo, all of They Might Be Giants' albums (including two mp3-only releases), the contents of (with George Carlin's catalog) and a bunch of wacky stuff you may never find anywhere else.

    I got the subscription primarily because they had an arrangement with They Might Be Giants for a monthly MP3 magazine of rare and unreleased material, which ended this past January; since I've downloaded more stuff than I've had time to listen to over the course of time it seemed a good time to drop the service until I catch up. was a decent place to find stuff for free until the Napster thing happened. Now it's sadly mostly garbage.
    I gather Napster, Madster (formerly Aimster), Gnutella, Kazaa, and those other various file sharing services still exist but I don't believe they're legal.
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  3. #3 = the best available. If you're running Windows or Linux, they have a satellite on the main page, if you're running X look on for a program called sputnik.
    Try to avoid the Gnutella clients, they suck, at least the one's I tried.

    It's illegal, but if you misspell a title, you can still get it.

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