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    Ok, I'm posting this on a 'Handspring target' site in a topic that's primarily devoted to I should get a response that isn't biased one way or the other.

    I'm looking to invest minimal amount of money in a new handheld and my primary feature (aside from price) is size of the handheld.

    I'm looking at the Edge and the Sony S360.

    Both are $199 and while the sony seems to come with some REALLY good features...Flash ROM, OS 4.0 vs. 3.5 on the edge, sony memory stick slot, jog dial, a bunch more software, etc. I'm giving the edge a chance (and edge owners the opportunity) to deomonstrate some advantages it has that I may be missing.

    Again, I'm ONLY looking at these two devices as they are the slimmest, smallest handhelds at this price. So unless you know of a great deal on another REALLY slim, compact handheld then I'd like suggestions to be limited to these two devices (I don't want posts telling me I'm an ***** and I should wait and buy the new Sony with all the cool features, etc. but it only costs another $300).

    Thanks for the advice in advance and hopefully some of you will help me make my final decision.....

    UPDATE: uh oh, i just noticed the T415 which is the same thickness as the edge (give or take a hundreth) and has a bunch of other software!!
    wow, it's been awhile.....things have REALLY changed...why is my Visor Edge still in my hand? Will a Treo fit better?
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    The sony 360 has more memory and a more easily viewed screen than the 415, and is the one I'm assuming would suit your needs better. Were I choosing one, I'd probably take an edge, though I don't know why. I did love mine when it worked.
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    Edge vs. S360??

    I think my mentality is similar to yours. I value form factor above all else. I've been in the chunky camp with a VDX, and the one thing I always wanted was a slimmer smaller pda. I eventually got an edge which I honestly thought was an excellent palm. even though the insides were basically the same, I just loved how I could have a super thin pda with a nice HARD flip cover, and an excellent stylus (yes, i actually like that curvy beast), in a tiny little package.

    The edge has everything I ever wanted on the outside, the s360 has everything i ever wanted on the inside.

    Edge pluses: formfactor, stylus, flip cover

    s360 pluses: more memory, memstick slot, palmOS4, jogdial

    If you've never used any of sony's pluses, then you won't miss out and you'll love the edge. If you have tasted them, then the edge won't be enough for you. You'll run into the 8 meg barrier, want a memstick slot, etc...

    I eventually went from an edge to an m505 (and made 50 bucks while i was at it). I have both the thin formfactor and all the pretty functionality in any current palm. Sure the screen's not the brightest, but i never had a prism or saw sony's screens... so I'm perfectly happy. If it wasn't for that 50 bucks, (and a really really good deal on the m505), i'd still be with my edge. honest to god. In fact, I miss my edge cause it was actually thinner (width wise) and that made carrying it much more comfortable.

    You know.. If i was buying a pda right now.. I'd get the t615.. but if i only had 200 bucks to spend.. the edge is a great deal. Get the stowaway for 50 bucks too if you go for that deal at handspring. That is a great keyboard. I just got one for my m505..
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    Both the Edge and the T415 have great form factor and they both have 8MB of RAM. The T415 has many advantages. Memory Expansion is much more integrated. Regardless of whether you like the MS Slot, it is much easier to add Memory and does not change the Form Factor to do so. In addition, OS4.0 has VFS which is great for making use of external memory. There is also a program on the T415 called MSImport that allows you to mount the MemoryStick as a Drive on your Windows PC, something the S360 does not include.

    You also get the highly debated HiRes Screen. Personally, everytime I have seen the screen I like it, but that is an individual opinion. Another great feature is the Scroll Wheel, but something I find lacking on the S360 is the Back Button. There is also the Enhanced IR Port and Remote Commander Software. Of course, just how useful this is depends entirely on the user. It may mean nothing to you.

    The Edge does look great and I love the Metal Flip Cover. But personally, the older OS and Quality Control Issues would really take it out of consideration for me. Plus, I keep a Memory Stick in my 760 all the time, so I could never handle the Adaptor of the Edge.

    Take a real good look at the screen on the T415. If you have no problems with it, then that is the one I would suggest. Keep in mind though, Sony appears to have discontinued this product. Of course, they have also discontinued my 760, but it really does not matter to me. I love this PDA and if it does break, I have the BestBuy Warranty.

    Bottom line, go to CompUSA or BestBuy and play with all three of them, then buy the one you like best. They have their strong points and their weak points. You just have to figure out what you want most.
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    thanks for the response/ideas!

    After a week or so of thought, I've decided to delay the purchase of a new handheld (back to the little yellow sticky notes in my wallet...) and use the money, plus a little more, to take a nice vacation in vancouver with my wife!

    2 advantages, maybe later in the year there will be something else I like better in terms of handhelds (actually, i'm sure there will be new stuff, will I like it? I don't know.) and I get a vacation!

    Thanks again.
    wow, it's been awhile.....things have REALLY changed...why is my Visor Edge still in my hand? Will a Treo fit better?

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