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    I'm curious. What do you think. When gets a new PDA should one keep the old one or sell it for money for accessories ro just going towards the purchase?
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    IMO I only need one PDA at a time. For the last few months I owned a Handera and a Prism but during the past few weeks I've been selling all my accessories and my handera in order to get a new clie.

    I would probably keep my prism around for nostalgia but I figure my girlfriend would give it more attention that I would.
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    I tend to keep mine, unless they are broken. I've still got an onld Sharp Wizard, a Rex 3, a Palm Pro, and my original Visor DLX in addition to my Prism
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    I tend to keep my handhelds as well, although I should off-load some and a few accessories just to clear the clutter. I do like to keep a spare just in case.
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    I assume you're getting the sharp, I'd keep the old one and make sure it's gonna have all the apps you need
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    The Sharp is about a few months away unless I offload my Visor now. It looks like it has everything I need. Hancom mobile office for word, etc. a notepad app. That's what I mainly use for homework. Then they also got address and datebook. The only thing I'm worried about is trying to get something like AvantGo, and finding good games not to mention a good scientific/graphing calculator. I will also enjoy now having MP3, and MPG viewing. I was thinking about either offloading Visor once I believe I'll have enough or wait to get the Zaurus. See if it serves my purposes well. If it does keep and offload Visor. If not return Zaurus and wait for Palm OS 5...
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    Originally posted by Techie2000
    The Sharp is about a few months away ....
    My target date to replace the VDX is Christmas. Right now the Zaurus is at the top of the list. Will be interesting to see what shakes out in the PDA realm untill then.

    The VDX will be sold or given to my son.
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    My PDA is my major hobby now, so I have some budget for it, but if I can sell off old stuff to help finance it, so much the better.

    Selling ASAP offers a few benefits- you'll get a LOT better price now than when the device is older, there is less chance something will happen to it in the meantime that might reduce or eliminate its value, and you just have that much less junk to work around in your house!

    If you don't want to go the eBay route, I have had good luck with the marketplace here, and and as well.
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    My first route would probably be to try to offload it onto a classmate. I know one or two that have been eyeing it. Next I'd probably try here in the Market Place.

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