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    After Google on Android 2.x, Nokia is offering it too with its Ovi Maps.

    Nokia offering free turn-by-turn navigation on smartphones globally (updated) -- Engadget

    Palm should do something for WebOS. I don't think the Maps app and Telenav, i.e. Sprint Navigation, VZ Navigator, the carrier supported ones, is quite enough anymore. Especially when the competition's free.

    I have Ovi Maps on my E51 now, and it's maps are actually decent, since they are NAVTEQ maps.
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    Thanks for mentioning this Toni. Many of us here should probably visit the sister website and check it out. They have an article on Ovi Maps over there too.

    One more thing that might be helpful (to our WebOS centric crowd) might be to mention which phones Ovi Maps might work best on. I guess the carriers don't really matter since you are not depending on data for this app, but I'm just a little bit curious how well Nokia S60 5th Edition phones might work on the cheaper US carriers.
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