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  • Mythical color CDMA Treo

    7 17.95%
  • Sharp Zarus

    5 12.82%
  • Sony NR-70

    15 38.46%
  • Wait for OS 5

    8 20.51%
  • Pocket PC (Probably an HP 567)

    4 10.26%
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    As mentioned in another thread, I'm planning to upgrade from my venerable Prism, probably sometime this summer. I'm fortunate in that I have some dough to burn - it turned out I owed Uncle Sam less than I thought, so we have some money in the bank. Rather than let my wife spend all of it on something frivolous, like new furniture, I'm going to blow some of it on a new PDA.

    I use my Prism as a laptop replacement. In addition to the PIM features, I use it for word processing (via Wordsmith and a Stowaway), email and web browsing when I'm away from my desk (using either a landline modem or a cable connected to my cell phone). I also use it for MP3 Playback, via a SoundsGood module. I occasionally use the Prism as a camera (with an eyemodule) or a GPS, but those are not "mission critical."

    Unless Handspring makes a surprise announcement of a new color Visor in the Edge form factor, I've narrowed my choices down to three handhelds, and I'd like to hear your thoughts.

    The contenders are:

    1. Handspring Treo - only if the rumored CDMA version with a color screen comes true this summer. Pros: Built-in wireless communication, and (hopefully) better intergration with my desktop email with "TreoMail." Cons: Small screen; not expandable; limited peripherals (no Stowaway, at least not yet); no MP3 player (although I could just buy a separate one, or keep using my SoundsGood); and the version I want is unconfirmed. I'm also not convinced that I want my phone built-in to my PDA - sometimes I want to carry one without the other.

    2. Sharp Zarus. Pros: Way cool hardware, expandable, MP3 player built-in. Cons: OS is new, not sure about availability of software, unsure about whether the built-in apps are what I want, and also very unsure whether a Stowaway or other external keyboard is in the works (the thumboard is cool - I've used a Blackberry and loved that part - but for extended typing I need something close to a full-sized keyboard).

    3. Sony NR Series Pros Again, interesting form factor/hardware, MP3 Player built-in (and camera too, if I want to spring for that version), compatible with my existing Palm OS applications. Probably works with the forthcoming Stowaway for the T series, and I can most likely hook it up to my existing cell phone for wireless access. Cons: Seems kind of big to lug around, although I've heard conflicting reports on that score. Durabilility a possible issue.

    4. Wait to check out the OS 5 devices (I'm not sure I have the patience for that effort).

    5. Submit to Microsoft and buy a a Pocket PC device (not too enthused about that one).

    What do you think? Enlighten me with your collective wisdom.
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    If you want a PDA and want it ASAP, get a Zaurs. If you want something that has wireless, get the CDMA color Treo when it is released in the Fall or whenver Handspring releases it.
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    Really a tough call right now. There is so much that *could* be happening soon, it makes it tough to purchase now.

    1. The TREO really does nothing for me. I really need some form of memory expansion and I love using the Stowaway. Besides, I really am not crazy about having my Phone and PDA in one device.

    2. If you are going to keep the Visor Prism, I might suggest the Zaurus. If, for whatever reason, it does not provide what you want, you can still use the Prism/Stowaway combo and sell the Zaurus. I really do not care for the ThumbBoard, so hopefully a Stowaway will become available.

    3. While the NR70 looks really cool, I would rather have my 760. It is smaller and I already have Stowaway for it. Plus, battery life is really good compared to the T615. If you are thinking of getting a Sony, I say go with the 760. You get a proven device with a great screen and probably can find one pretty cheap.

    4. I really hope I am wrong, but I personally do not see the OS5 devices offering a great deal more than what we already have. I feel it is more a stepping stone to OS6 but Palm has to release something.

    5. I tried to go the way of PPC, the iPaq was just to much of a temptation. I bought it on Thursday and returned it on Saturday. If I were really looking for an upgrade and wanted to stop using my CLIE entirely, I probably would have kept it. I just have a bit much tied up in my CLIE to just stop using it and make another huge investment on a PPC. The cost of the PPC and the additional hardware/software to make it work for me was just to much right now.

    If I were in your exact position right now, I would try and find the best deal on a 760. All your current software will work and there is already a Stowaway available. In addition, it plays MP3's and has a MemoryExpansion slot, which can be mounted as a drive on a PC using MSImport. You get the most current OS which has VFS Support and it would more than likely hold you over until OS6.
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    Big "Ditto" to all of GSR13's comments. I think the "get a 760C" is about the best solution for what you're looking for. Plus, you can get a Stowaway keyboard for it right now.
    Jeff Meyer

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    Wait for OS5. You'll be glad you did (I hope)
    Somewhat patient prism user.
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    Get the Zaurus. It has MP3, Handcom Mobile Office, and they are currently working on wireless service via a compact flash modem. You can already get CompactFlash landline modem, landline NIC, and 802.11b card. I hear MP3 is really great on it. However I haven't heard anything about GPS or a Stowaway. However Sharp does have a page where you can request accessories (probably something where people do it and then the ones that are most requested are the first to be developed).
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    LoL. Three way tie... That shows that as much as this is a Handspring device the visitors are truely diverse on their opinions of the PDA world and what to get next.
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    NR70 or NR70V.

    Just my opinion, but lemme see how I can justify it for ya.

    I know that I personally use my CLIE T615C as a 'near laptop replacement' (as I did my Prism before it). By that I mean I do a heck of a lot of stuff with this thing (check email, surf web, write novel length stuff, design up new projects, compose music, read eBooks, watch 'movies', keep schedule, track bank balances, etc etc etc). As such, I've got a huge investment in PalmOS software (not just money, though, data as well). This kills PocketPCs altogether (that plus, IMHO, a clunky OS).

    The NR70V provides me with functionality that will aid me in most of the above (okay, so I'll also NEED their Bluetooth Memstick to TRULY make 'net stuff easier, but that's beside the point).

    Aside from the 'writing novel length stuff' part, the built-in keyboard will facilitate my writing of 'short notes' for all other functions. And FOR the long writing, I'm hoping that ThinkOutside will come through with a T/NR Series Stowaway.

    The larger screen helps with eBook reading and potentially with image viewing/creation. The camera adds that bit of 'coolness' factor with some novelty usefulness as well.

    Better sound in the improved speaker and MP3 capabilities built-in along with a faster processor for quicker general performance, and much better movie viewing (got a coupla episodes of Gundam: 08th MS Team on my 128MB MemStick).

    But here's a 'hidden' advantage for you, personally. The NR series is set to be released in May. That's almost certain. Setting your next purchase for something definitely around the corner provides you with three advantages. It gives you time to ponder over your decision and analyze if it's truly right for you, it passes a few more months and allows other manufacturers to potentially leak more info about OS5 devices, and it gives more people time to try out and review the consumer Sharp Zaurus (and provides more time for software developers to create things). If, come May, no more OS5 info has surfaced and no really tempting Zaurus apps have been released, you can go ahead with the NR70 purchase. If some revelation in the other arenas has arrived by then, you can always change your mind without having to go through any return process.

    In other words, it can partially satisfiy your decision making needs immediately while still buying you more 'thinking time'.

    Okay, so maybe my logic is a bit skewed, but that's just me, hehe.
    -Richard Powell

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    GSR 13 and Bookrats (or any other Sony expert);

    The 760 C isn't a bad idea. It is cheaper. My one concern with the 760 is memory. It's only got 8mb, and I was hoping to upgrade to something with 16 mb on board (plus, ideally, room for memory expansion). My prism has 8 mb plus I use an 8 mb HS Flash Module. The combo barely fits my needs.

    I know the 760 comes with an 8mb memory stick, and that it's pretty simple to get a larger version. How easy is it to use the memory stick for apps and data? How does it compare to the Flash module in terms of useability?

    BTW, I finally got the chance to play with a non-functional Treo demo at Staples. I loved the size, but the keyboard seemed pretty cramped - maybe a little smaller than my Blackberry. That said, it didn't work so it was hard to get a feel for what typing on it would really be like.
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    Originally posted by VTL
    I know the 760 comes with an 8mb memory stick, and that it's pretty simple to get a larger version. How easy is it to use the memory stick for apps and data? How does it compare to the Flash module in terms of useability?
    I can only speak for my own experience, and say that for apps, the memory stick (I bought a 128M MS for ~$55 (which Lexar still hasn't sent me a rebate for...)) works wonderfully. I keep about 3/4 of my apps out on the MS, and the VFS support of my launcher app makes for fairly transparent access to the apps. (Speed for loading the apps is slower, though.)

    For data on the MS, I would have to refer you to others; I haven't gone to using PowerRun or the various MSMount-like apps. Part of this is that the T615C has 16MB of memory, and I'm not cramping myself in that area; the other is that some of the big-data apps I use (like M:ID, with it's very large dictionaries) are VFS-enabled, and keep the data out on the the MS.

    As I understand it, the problem with a T615C would be (1) no MP3 player (and even if you buy the MP3 add-on for the T615C, battery life I suspect would be an issue), and (2) no Stowaway keyboard support (yet).
    Jeff Meyer

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    I love using the MemoryStick. Basically, you can put Applications on the Memory Stick in /Palm/Launcher and the switch to that Category and access those Appications. If you have a VFS Enabled Launcher, such as LauncherIII, it will move the App for you and then allow you to place the Shortcut in any Category you wish.

    In addition, if your Application supports VFS, you can also store the DB's on the Card. Some of the VFS Aware Applications I use are WordSmith, MarkMyScriptures and MiD. All of these Apps work great with DB's on the Card.

    As for Programs like MSMount, PowerRun, and PiDirectII, I do not use them. Most of my apps with large DB's are VFS Aware and I have yet to get to a point where one of these programs became necessary. I have tested PiDirectII and it works fine, I just see no reason to spend the extra money when I have managed to get by without it.

    I do not find the 8MB of RAM to be a limitation at all, provided I have my MemoryStick in. I have a 128MB Stick that is pretty much full. Of course, that includes music.

    As for the 8MB MS included. Format it immediately and use it for Data Recovery. There is an application that comes on the CLIE's called MSBackup and the 8MB Stick works great for backing up the HandHeld.
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    I personally love my Audiovox Maestro...for $289.00 you can't beat its functionality, dual expansion slots.

    I'd agree with GSR13, the iPaq is not what everyone says it they've got big time bugs in them. Bluetooth doesn't even work on the 3870 (the bluetooth model), backlight issues, and just general overall hardware bugs that have nothing to do with PPC2002. My Maestro is rock solid.

    The PPC needs (IMO) substantial customization in order to get it to the same level of Palm for simplicity & usability (all good things for palm), but it also has the underlying well, complexity built in to do a number of cool things you couldn't with a Palm. For example, I can sync my maestro on my home network using my wired ethernet card...browse the web as well. Its very cool...very cool indeed.

    Now you can do some of that from the Palm side, and I don't want to get into technical debates, but my Maestro was $292.00 + $28.00 for a CF Ethernet (10MB) Card, so for less than $330.00, I'm on the web in a totally cool up-to-date color PDA. I also just picked up a CF Modem (56k) for $35.00...also very cool.

    You could do this with only the Handera 330, but you've got greyscale, and the slow processor...for not much less.

    Its a personal choice, but I'm happy I've switched. But still come back to VC b/c of the technical knowledge & friendly chat!!!!
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    The Maestro is tempting, particularly due to the price - but I note it has half the memory of most of the newer crop of PPC models. Do you find that to be a hinderance?
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    yeah, I was a little skeptical too...however, I've got a 32MB SD card sitting in it and use that as addon system memory (its not really system memory), but it seamlessly runs any apps I've installed on it. Not even a I still have my CF slot for my 128MB CF card with my MP3's, or my other CF cards...not a problem. The battery is the only downfall to the Maestro...its not even close to the Jornada 567/568 series. I get maybe 4 hours out of it, or less depending on my card usage (CF Ethernet draws the battery down pretty quickly).

    But luckily the Maestro has a standard AC plug in so I use it plugged in when I'm going to be using the Ethernet card quite a bit...I dunno, I'm very happy with it.

    Good luck
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    Basically, you'll have to think about where you can recharge it whereever you're going.

    I never have to recharge it over the weekend as I use it mainly for work. It sits charging all day in my cradle at work, so I've never had a situation where I've needed to recharge it as an emergency. can purchase a second AC adapter from Radio Shack for $19.99. I think Toshiba/Audiovox want's something like $40.00 for the same thing...ridiculous.
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    Sounds great, but I just realized there isn't a Stowaway for the Maestro, so that may rule it out for me - unless you know something I don't. Too bad too - it was starting to sound very appealing, particularly at that price.
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    Only that you can pre-order it...however, I don't know that they actually had confirmation that it was being produced.

    Pre-order it here:

    (Just something more to think about)
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    Thanks for everyone's advice. After agonizing over this - probably to everyone else's annoyance - I've narrowed it down to a choice between the Sony NR-70 and the HP 568 Pocket PC.

    I'm leaning towards the HP. A buddy of mine purchased one, and loves it. I like the form factor (not too big), and there's a load of accessories available for it, including a Stowaway keyboard. I know it's probably going to be killed off as part of the HP-Compaq merger, but that doesn't concern me overly much - the company will still be around, and they have apparently promised to continue to support product lines that are discontinued as a result of the merger.

    I'm tempted to buy the Sony, but (a) I'm worried it will be obsolete after OS 5 comes out; (b) I like the idea of the thumboard more than the implementation; and (c) you can't get a serial cradle for the thing. You can buy a serial cable from various 3d party suppliers, but it seems kind of a kludgy solution. (You can get a serial cradle for the HP). I'm also concerned about whether Think Outside will really come out with a Stowaway for the thing.

    I rejected the Zaurus - I loved the hardware, but I think the software isn't quite ready for prime time. If I was a Linux expert, I probably would have made the jump, but I'm not.

    I also, reluctantly, gave up on the Treo. I really like the idea and the form fator, but I'm not convinced that Handspring is going to be around over the long term. I feel disloyal saying that, and I hope I'm wrong, but I'd hate to end up with one and no support. Besides, I have a perfectly good cell phone now (and I can get a cable to connect the HP to the phone).

    My big hesitation is making the jump to Pocket PC. I know there are a lot of different opinions on this issue, so if someone wants to talk me out of it, fire away.
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    Replace laptop with Palm OS PDA w/mp3 capability. Sounds like a Sony to me. Handera's got rumors floating around that color is happening - if mp3 wasn't critical, I'd say that has the best shot to replace a laptop as MS works well for storage and not much else.
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    Well, I just switched back to my Handera 330 from the Audiovox Maestro. And just bought a new N760C (not refurb) to put away for a while until I decide I need MP3's again.

    Its a tough one to explain...although the PPC is really powerful, its power wasn't all that useful to me as although I'm a power user, I hardly ever use the power it provides. (Clear as mud right?) I rarely surf the web, rarely check e-mail using it, etc. I mostly use more powerful PIM apps (Action Names (yes I know), DayNotez, WhatzUp, and Docs To Go). PPC doesn't support Office as well as Docs to Go does, and DayNotez is invaluable to me.

    Pocket Informant on the PPC is nice, but overblown & very slow. The color screen is still somewhat difficult to read in the sun, and the glare from it at night is really hard on my eyes.

    Plus with the Handera, I get added screen real estate with the QVGA screen & virtual graffiti area. I get the awesome blue backlit screen which works in ALL lighting scenarios, and with the LIon battery, I've never been below 95% think its nuclear powered or something, but it is awesome.

    I like the Handera b/c of the SD & CF expansion options, its extremely light with the LIon battery, and the Voice Recorder is great. Cheap periphials are great due to the Palm III connector.

    I dunno, its not pretty, but it totally rocks for function.

    Oh, and the PPC is buggier that snot...I had alarms that wouldn't go off until I turned the unit on, ActiveSync deleting things magically (Appointments, Contacts, etc).

    I still have the Maestro..but it'll be on e-bay soon...which stinks b/c I bough the CompUSA extended warranty with it.
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