1st of all before I get burned on this forum, I want to clarified I'm a HUGE!! webOS fan. That said, I'm also a big gadget freak, I want to have the latest and flashy ones out. Palm has to June to impress me(I'm due for an update), was very dissapointed they didn't announce a new device at CES. I do understand the business side of it, since they announce the prprpr&#$275$;+ $for$ $VZW$($it$ $would$ $have$ $stolen$ $the$ $thunder$). $I$'$m$ $very$ $excited$ $about$ $the$ $1$.$4$ $update$, $but$ $I$ $also$ $need$ $an$ $upgrade$ $on$ $the$ $hardware$ $dep$. $Even$ $though$ $the$ $HTC$ $Supersonic$ $is$ $a$ $rumor$ $and$ $hasn$'$t$ $being$ $confirmed$, $it$ $does$ $sounds$ $like$ $a$ $device$ $I$ $would$ $enjoy$ $having$. $I$'$m$ $hoping$ $the$ &$quot$;$C40$&$quot$; $is$ $in$ $fact$ $a$ $faster$ $more$ $sleek$ $pr$&#$275$;$2$, $cause$ $I$ $LOVE$ $webOS$ $and$ $would$ $hate$ $to$ $jump$ $ships$ $over$ $to$ $Android$..