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    After doing a lot of research I decided to purchase a Moment, assuming I would be able to use Companionlink to sync Outlook from my PC. Thus far, I am extremely frustrated, and while I like the idea of the Android Operating System and the really cools apps, if I don't have my Outlook data, the device is useless to me.

    I've researched Chapura's Pocket Mirror, and have in fact been using KeySuite for my Palm 755P for many years. I realize I probably won't like anything as well as Keysuite, but is the Pre version of Pocket Mirror working well?

    It appears that most of the things I will be giving up with the Moment (video capture, the ability to use ShopSavvy, Google Navigation, and a few other things) will probably be fixed in future versions of the WebOS. Not having an SD card is not a big deal since I never exceeded the space on my Palm Treo.

    Can anyone who has tried PocketMirror and/or both phones provide some information. Should I hang on to the Moment in hopes that a better Outlook sync solution will be forthcoming based on the hue and cry of the masses?
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    I have been using Chapura Pocket Mirror since I purchased the Pre and have had nothing but success. It is super easy. No need to use USB, just locate the pre near to your computer and sync. Now Pocket Mirror allows for syncing of tasks and notes plus contacts. Well worth the price. And Chapura folks are super accomodating and are quick to assist when you have a question.

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