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    Here's what I have.

    Handspring Prism w/Vaja Case
    Xircom Modem
    Magellan GPS (used occassionally)
    Innogear Minijam
    Memplug (Smartmedia)

    I have squirreled away about $400 that could be used to replace my Prism but can't figure out what to do. I really would like to see Handspring come out with a newer PDA but I would also like to win the lottery. Both possibilities seem unlikely.

    I like the Prism but it's old, larger than other Palm units, and I fear that Springboard module development is running dry. I like the Sony Color units but the peripherals are expensive. I need a modem and would like MP3 capabilities. The GPS is a nice extra to have when traveling but not a "must have" item.

    With that in mind the Sony 760 has it's appeal but jeeze the modem is expensive.

    I use the Prism for entertainment and to keep track of contacts, appointments, etc. I do use Documents to Go with regularity and the Prism is a convienant way to check email while traveling.

    So, if you had what I had and $400, what would you do? Sell and buy new? Hang on to what I've got and buy lottery tickets with the $400? Open for suggestions.

    For those who hate duplicate posts, I apologize but, I need some input on this one and didn't want to be exclusive to the Prism threads.
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    I'd sell off the acessories, add it to the $400 you have and keep the Prism until the new ARM processor units come out.
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    Sell your stuff and buy a Zaurus. Well that's what I would do...
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    I would keep what you have so far and wait for palmOS 5 and the strongarm uniyts to come out.qnothings worse then getting a new PDA and then seeing that one with much better features comes out a month later! Your prism can still run most software, and while springboard development is running dry, you would do best to wait untill the palms that are a BG improvenment over the prism come out, not just small improvements.
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    Went shopping around today and have spent some time on the internet doing a little research.

    Got my options narrowed down a bit.

    1. Keep what I've got and wait and see what comes out in the next two months, like the new Sony swivel screen.

    2. Sell Prism and go with the Sony 760. Upside, color PDA with built in MP3. Downside, discontinued and expensive modem.

    3. Sell Prism, jump ship and go to Audiovox/Toshiba Maestro. Upside, $299 price tag, MP3 capabilities through Windows Media Player, dual expansion slots, and inexpensive modem. Downside, its Pocket PC and battery seems to suck wind.

    I looked at the Zaurus and like it. I am hesitant with the OS and software availablity. I like the Pocket Office Suite with Pocket PC but Documents to Go does the same thing. I like the time consuming games on Palm OS (Bejeweled, etc.) that really make the time go by at airports, etc.

    Has anyone heard more about the Audiovox or the new Sony? Don't really need the digital camera model so I'd opt for the lower priced unit. In only Handera was color and had MP3 capabilities.
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    One word of Advice:

    If you do jump ship to the Toshiba/Audiovox: Be warned that there are few accessories out (except maybe the modem). If you want a Stowaway, Thumboard, 100s of Cases, etc., you are SOL.

    The Sony is nice, but all it has to offer that your Prism does not already have is a Hi-Res Screen.

    My advice? Sell your Prism on E-Bay, and buy a brand new one. That way, you have a Brand-New tried-and-proven Prism, you get to keep all of your accessories, and you don't have to worry about Battery Life since you already know what it is. This also will only cost you at most $100 more, so you can keep saving money up for the OS5 Palms that are due to come out in June/July, and you can see how good the Treo 270 is.
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    The Maestro has really sparked my curiousity. Asides from Pocket PC the only strong criticism is the battery life. I have had some experience with Pocket PC and it doesn't bother me as much as it does others. Battery life on the other hand is a concern.

    I would expect accessories to be limited and hard to find but curious, would cables, cradles, etc. for the Toshiba version be compatible with the Audiovox?

    I've just about decide my Prism's days are numbered. I just don't know how long it has. I will either wait til summer for the new models, go with a Clie 760 or jump ship for the Pocket PC.

    Anybody know of anything bad on the 760?
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    I'd keep what I had for as long as it worked. Spend some money on a vaja case and it'll feel like new, as well as allowing it to stay on your belt (partially negating its larger size).
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    Originally posted by coppertop
    Anybody know of anything bad on the 760?
    Hmmm.... off-hand, the only things I remember being potential complaints are:
    • The buttons, though that is a complaint with all of the Clies. I personally like the T615C's buttons better than the 760's, but I think the 760's would be better for gaming.
    • Is the 760's Palm OS version missing anything cool that appears in later Clie OSs?
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    The Clies ARE flash upgradable, so you don't lose anything with the OS. I believe the N760c runs 4.0, while the T series runs 4.1 - I'm not sure the differences, and I think there are just some bug fixes.
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    Seen this on the VC front page? A potential way to carry your old Springboard modules on another Palm PDA w/Bluetooth.
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    Originally posted by bookrats
    Seen this on the VC front page? A potential way to carry your old Springboard modules on another Palm PDA w/Bluetooth.

    Someone pointed out to me that today is April Fool's day. I apparently swallowed that one hook, line and sinker!
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    Just about gave up on the Audiovox. Too many Palm OS programs. The Sony 760 still has my attention though. Does anyone know if any company makes or develops a modem for the Clie's? Wonder if there's a modem that uses the memory stick slot?

    Also, any recomendations on a good place to find a 760?
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    Originally posted by bookrats


    Someone pointed out to me that today is April Fool's day. I apparently swallowed that one hook, line and sinker!
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    Ok, here's my opinion. I've had an Edge, Handera 330 (best b/w unit IMO), Clie 760C, iPaq 3650, Jornada 547 & 548, Jornada 568 (actually 4, due to constant dust issues), and now an Audiovox Maestro.

    The only ones that have met my needs completely are the Edge, Handera 330, and the Maestro.

    The benefit to using a device that uses CF expansion are obvious. A ton of options, choices, and manufacturers, which translates to good competition driving down the price.

    PocketPC benefits greatly from some freeware add-ons...wisbar comes to mind. Moreso than the Palms...which I credit to a much better designed & simpler cudos to Palm for that. I always used Silver Screen on my Palms which added some addt'l functionality, and X-master with some hacks, but with the PocketPC everything is 2-4 taps away, so IMO it needs add-ons to make it usable. BTW...I'm paying the Palm OS a huge compliment, its definitely the better base interface.

    The Edge, well I loved it. Springboards = expensive.

    The Handera 330, loved it too, hated the alkalines, and no, I wasn't paying $70.00 more for the LION. Loved the CF & SD slots, but also didn't like that some apps just didn't work on the 330 due to the 'odd' screen size.

    Hated the iPaq sleeve, Period.

    Loved the Jornada 547/548, just too slow, and I loved the screen with its deep rich colors...outside readability wasn't important at all to me.

    The Jornada 568 with all its dust issues just floored me. Finally gave up.

    The Maestro has both slots, only $300.00, which was just too good to pass up. Dual expansion slots, awesome. Battery, well, its not as bad as everyone claims from my experience. It sits in its cradle all day long, and never drops below 95% by morning, and that's with a SD & CF card sitting in all the time. With that said, if I use a CF Ethernet card for an hour straight I'm lucky to be above 50%. So I always just plug mine in if possible, b/c the AC adapter can plug into the Maestro w/o the cradle. A really really valuable choice by Toshiba.

    CF add-ons are plentiful, and relatively cheap. Toshiba accessories are EXPENSIVE! The Stowaway is coming, you can pre-order it now. I'm not quite sure what terrysalmi means by:

    Toshiba/Audiovox: Be warned that there are few accessories out (except maybe the modem). If you want a Stowaway, Thumboard, 100s of Cases, etc.
    Any CF expansion will work...which has got to put you over the available *useful* Springboard expansions options. Plus they're a lot lot cheaper. My wired ethernet card cost me $28.00 on

    If Terrysalmi means cases & accessories, well, sure they did just come out, so I'd agree there. They are coming, there are some cases, more on the way, screen protectors, no thumboard...which I'm anxiously hoping for soon. So I can see the point there.

    My Clie 760C was a nice unit, the case is very very soft and scratches easily, very easily, but I liked it. I liked the buttons on it better then the T615. MP3 background playback was nice as well. In the end, 8MB of memory just wasn't enough, even with my 128MB MS, it just wasn't as smooth as I'd hoped. Personal choice, I'm sure a lot of 760 owners love it. ran Palm OS 4.1

    I could see either one, but the 760C is already discontinued by Sony, so its on its last legs.

    Maybe I'm wrong but I read somewhere that Palm OS 5 was really only going to run the current Palm OS 4, just as Palm OS 5 designed for the new hardware, with some minor add-ons? With a subsequent 5.5 or something 6 mos later for really new functionality? I could be way off on that one.

    Anyway, on the PocketPC side, think of the current StrongArm PPC's as a Pentium III device, and the new Xscale devices as Pentium IV devices...just for a comparison. A Pentium III runs everything just great, all current apps are designed to run on it, and will be for quite some time. The xscale's will definitely add some horsepower, plus some power savings, but even though some have been pre-annouced, most won't be out until Q3...well that's the current consensus anyway.

    So I'm rambling, but I chose the Maestro for now, works great, battery life isn't horrific, not great, but not bad. Just expect to charge it daily. I think either choice is fine.

    Good Luck
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    After wieghing the options heavily I narrowed everything down to three alternatives; keep what I have, go with a CLIE or go with a Audiovox Maestro.

    I looked at the Maestro heavily but too much was being written about how bad the batteries were and I just don't like Pocket PC.

    I have given up all hope for Handspring. The company showed so much promise with their innovations (springboard slot) but seemed to have stalled. Sony is cranking out new models left and right, Palm is trying to keep pace and companies once thought of producing only gimmicky organizers (i.e. Sharp Wizard) are releasing state of the art PDA's (Sharp Zaurus). Handspring has introduced the TREO but, I don't need a cell phone (got one) plus my cell carrier doesn't support the TREO. They have all but abandoned the Visor line.

    This left me with the Sony. I had two in mind (the 760 and the new flip screen w/o the camera). The new CLIE looks impressive but I have some reservations about the flip screen. Call it a hunch but I think there will be bugs in the first production. I tinkered with a 760 at the store and really liked it. I know Sony has stopped producing them but it met all the needs I have for a PDA and I liked it. The screen isn't as sharp as the Prism's but it can be seen in daylight.

    So, I have my Prism on ebay and a new Sony in the cradle. Got it for $379 from and will only have to find a modem for it to make things complete.

    One side note on the Sharp Zaurus. I finally got to put my hands on one today and it's impressive. The processor seems slower than the Pocket PC or Palm OS devices but it feels like a solid device. Nice screen, accepts CF and MMD cards, and I like the thumb board. I started to regret my choice but the Linux based OS makes me hesitate. I have a good bit of Palm OS software that would be lost if I went with the Sharp. For someone looking to get thier first PDA, the Sharp is worth a look.

    Now that I've "jumped ship" watch Handspring come out with a color Edge with a MMD expansion slot as well as the springboard slot and 16mb memory. If they do, I reckon the Sony would make a nice anniversary gift for the wife.
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    I cant get rid of my damn brick *Prism because i have a Minstrel S with 8 more months of service! 150 cancelation fee would kill me! i dont want to go back to greyscale, and handspring only makes one color visor That springtooth had be happy for, about, 5 minutes....damn April 1st! Oh well...atleast the tin foil antenna seems to work great.

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