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    I get this with Mozilla, the most popular Linux browser...
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    Originally posted by Techie2000

    I get this with Mozilla, the most popular Linux browser...
    The Konquerer and Opera fans might take issue with your Mozilla claim

    However, Sharp does need to ditch the IE requirement and tons of folks in the Zaurus community have pinged Sharp about it.

    But keep in mind that Sharp is definitely *not* targeting the Zaurus at Linux users - they're going after the PocketPC market which is, for the most part, Microsoft based.
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    Now trying to go to will bring you to a page that tells sharp Zaurus users to go to course anyone can go there and it works in Mozilla.
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    Techie2000 said:
    Now trying to go to
    I think you meant instead.
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    I can't get to and I am using Internet Explorer 6.0!!
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    First review, now I'm debating whether or not to get the Zaurus, or just upgrade my 'ole P3 800MHz, MoBo, and RAM...

    Edit: I see it was written by Walter Mossberg, IMO one of the most critical people in the computer industry...
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