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    First, I must say that I am a Sprint customer still in a contract. The plans are great and affordable but anyways...

    I really like my Palm Pre although it still needs some maturing. And the other day, my wife upgraded from the Motorola Krzr, finally, to the Sprint HTC Hero. I like the Hero even more. And just because, for whatever reason, I still have my Palm Treo 755p (still active with my old number - I use Google Voice).

    With three really cool smartphones in my house, I find myself asking, "What would be the perfect smartphone?"

    There are some key things that I would like. Here are a few:

    3G upgradable to 4G


    at least 2GB internal memory

    Expandable memory to 32GB or more in the future

    the fastest processor available

    High quality hardware

    simple but well designed form factor

    support with music scriptions service like Rhapsody, Napster, Audible, etc.

    5MP Camera with flash

    Video Recording

    Audio Recording


    Cool Apps beyond just games and stupid ones (but I do like stupid apps too)

    Palm Pre Synergy type capability from all (Gmail, LinkedIn, Yahoo, FaceBook, Exchange, etc.)

    FaceBook and Twitter apps with identical capability as the websites

    The best video and music players

    etc... I could keep going.
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    Why would you need 2gb of internal ram? massive waste of money and adds significant cost to the phone because of how small it is. I believe the maximum ANY phone has right now is 512meg. 3g to 4g upgradable? How do you plan to pull that off? 4g is a different radio. Fastest processor available? Would a 4 hour battery life be OK with you? LOL..
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    I can remember when some "genuis" said we'd never need more than 64kb of RAM on our desktop computers. Look where we are today. Now, I am no smartphone expert; so, please excuse me if I did not get the technology stuff correct. But... Let me dream and hope for a smartphone that is the ultimate mobile device. So, those of you that are well informed smartphone technophiles, what would be your perfect smartphone that is based on today's technology?
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    Without the fairy tale wishlist like 1 terabyte RAM and BS....

    Palm Pre Plus form factor, GPU GFX all around, excellent build quality, microSD slot, 8MP camera, AMOLED screen, Camcorder, Digital Compass, Voice Technologies.

    Hopefully the Pre plus plus
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    If we are talking a dream smartphone with camera, lets make it worthwhile. Pixels don't mean crap with the lenses and sensor we have in these phones. The bigger mpixel just means you can blow up the cloudy distorted image to wall size.
    Lets look at Carl Zeiss Lens and a real sensor, and optical zoom, otherwise these cameras are all worse than the old cheap disposable film cameras.

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