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    Anyone catch the Colin Quinn Show tonight? I didn't think it was terribly funny until the (pre-taped) sketch showing an office worker trying to identify with his ethnic co-workers, but getting their nationalities mixed up. Then it turns into an advertisement for the "Ethnic Identifier" for Palm. Graphics were done up exactly like the Palm site too. When they showed the guy using it, was clearly just the memo pad with different categories labelled "SOUTHERN ASIAN", "MIDDLE EASTERN", etc. Kinda amusing. The Palm-style packaging was the best part.
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    Yeah, I was flipping channels and saw it. It was pretty funny, particularly the Website and Box design.
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    I saw it too.. I actually was cracking up....

    I actually like the show. The offensiveness of it is great and refreshing especially in this ultra PC time we live in.

    I really liked the Ethinic Identifier commercial and actually felt as if i could use it sometimes.. haha..

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