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    and another one
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    One more for fun....yay Palm!
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    I certainly would love to win a this the winning post? I hope!
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    palm pre rocks!
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    Synergy and cards are flawless
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    Last one for fun....WebOS and the Pre are great...cant wait for the Pre 2 and to hopefully win this contest!
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    From a European view point:

    1. Yes its great that games are coming, as its a positive sign. However i want/need better battery life and better calendar, alarm, phone features. Some of the most basic features are lacking in the Palm pre.

    2. The iphone launched in the UK with O2, and the Pre launched also with O2. However the apple brand was known for quality, whereas Palm isnt really know for anything, unless you were one of the handful of people who owned a PDA, as most used Windows mobile. Simply adding more networks wont mean anything in europe, its about quality of the product.

    3. Palm needs to bring out faster updates, yes its still a new OS, but the competition have had similar amount of time, and they are able to pump out more stuff faster. Yes palm is small blah blah blah, but so is Aston Martin, yet everybody wants one of their cars!

    4. I think they will stick with the keyboard, everybody likes keyboards, provided they are good!

    5. Seriously in the europe i've told everybody to hold off till the 1.4 update. If that doesnt fix some of the issues (europe centric stuff) and basic phone features, then there is no point of investing. It's not a cheap phone over here, its MORE expensive than the Iphone 3g, more expensive than the nokia n97 etc.

    Phone culture is also different in Asia, Europe, USA etc. In Europe its normal to change your phone every 18months, or less! well less these days thank to the economy!

    WebOS is superb, but its too immature, if somebody would fast forward to let palm get its wet dream sooner, then i think there is a strong chance of sucess in europe. Right now there is alot stacked against it
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