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    want the Pre!
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    round robin entry! Go Pre! or rather come to me Pre!
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    SPE Round Robin contest entry.
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    daily dose!
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    Contest entry for SPE Round Robin smartphone giveaway.
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    The only reason I'm going Palm is Verizon - I had the n900 and though the Pre UI is vastly superior, Maemo spanks WebOS in terms of customizability. Getting root on the device is a simple package install, the UI is based on X (so ssh x-forwarding works), apt-get is familiar and incredibly powerful, multitasking in Maemo equals WebOS, etc.

    While I'm being forced into a 'real' cell phone by my employer because VoIP over the Mifi isn't nearly as reliable as you'd think, I am looking forward to getting my Pre. That said, if Maemo showed up on VZ I'd have a hard time staying.
    I've decided to become enigmatic.
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    for da phone!
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    still going
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    entry post
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    I'll be back!
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    another day, another entry
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    one more week!
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    contest entry
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    contest entry
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    One more entry for fun
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    And another this contest still going?
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    think it ends next this week
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    i'll give it a go
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    This is so sad, putting my name down just for an entry.
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