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    For you Mac OS X users, the final (non-beta) release of the Palm Desktop is available from Palm.

    I assume this will work with Visors, Clies, etc. -- but I am optimistic and ignorant.

    Story from PalmInfoCenter.
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    It worked pretty well for me (iBook/600/combo drive with a Visor Deluxe).

    I had one problem though. Each time after synching my Visor displayed a reset dialog. I checked the Hot Synch log and discovered that each synch included the following line:
    " Installed Update 3.1.1"

    I moved the "Palm OS™ Updates" folder to another directory and it stopped installing the update which prevented the reset dialog. I think that the desktop software is checking the handheld version, sees it isn't 3.1.1 and installing the update, which apparently doesn't work exactly well with Palm OS 3.1H3.

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