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    A week or two ago I mentioned that it was rumored that Sharp would be clearing out their inventory of Zaurus SL-5000D developer units at fire sale prices.

    The good news is that it is indeed happening. You can now buy a Zaurus SL-5000D for $199!

    The bad news is that you must go to the JavaOne conference in SanFrancisco to get one. The units are on sale to the public at the show starting today. I'm told that you don't have to buy a show admission to get one, but I'm not at the show so I really don't have any details.

    If you're looking for a "steal" on a Zaurus and you can get to JavaOne (or you know someone who can) this is your chance. Act now while supplies last

    Note: The SL-5000D is very similar to the SL-5500 consumer model that is now on sale for $499. It only has half the RAM (32M vs. 64M) and a slightly different ROM, but it should be able to use any software and accessories that work with the 5500.
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    San Francisco? That's the other side of the country!

    /me cries

    Plane tickets+Zaurus Cost=lots
    Zaurus SL-5000=Cheaper...

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