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    The keyboard and slider on this thing blows away those on the Pre.

    If Palm had allowed the slider rails to extend on either side of the mirror, I really think that would have helped with the oreo. This thing is rock solid, open and closed.

    Also, the keyboard is a dream to type on. Nice feedback and even though there is no gap between keys, im not having any mispresses like I do on my Pre. The space bar could be a little bigger, but they ran out of room on the bottom row because there are dedicated smilie, email, and text launcher buttons. Easily the best keyboard I've ever used, and I've owned many a BlackBerry.

    Throw this thing on a Pre and it would be perfect.
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    Are you a new Pre owner? At first typing on the Pre was a little difficult, but now it's extremely easy.

    It would be nice if the Pre felt rock solid though.
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    My pre feels rock solid and i'm pretty good at typing on it.

    not blackberry good. But def. same as my treo 755p good.
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    Garrett, no, Im not new and I'm not hating on the Pre's keyboard, but it could be better.

    Brain, mine feels solid as well and I don't have more than a tiny bit of wiggle, but this Samsung has NONE.

    Opened and closed, both phones are the same size (except for their screens) and I'm just taken back by how much better Samsung implemented their keyboard than Palm did.

    Not flaming or dogging. Just an observation.

    If youre ever in a Sprint store, check it out. It's actually a nice little phone.
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    Ok i just looked up the phone and i didn't realize it was the recycled material phone thing....i did play with that keyboard, and i actually prefer the Pre's. I have this weird issue with keys touching. Even the BB Tour...i like HATE that keyboard. Give me keys that are separate and i'm much happier.

    Here is a comparison pic btw.

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    funny, i couldnt STAND the keyboard on the Curve, but preferred the Tour's.

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