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    I currently have a blackberry and like it. I just got my wife a pixi. after playing with it a little i am considering a pre. What are major difference between pre and bb
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    Well first, the biggest difference between the Pre and Pixi is that the Pre has WiFi. Then comes the nice things like larger display and keyboard, better camera, and more powerful processor/GPU. There is no difference in the WebOS experience other than the larger display. From their you can just compare your wife's Pixi to a BlackBerry.

    That being said, the Pre can't compete with a BB when it comes to battery life, and it obviously doesn't come with BB Messenger. Currently (this may change) the BB has a slight edge with PIMs (calendar, address, etc.). The Pre doesn't come with desktop software either (so you may need to get a Google or Yahoo account for data synchro if you don't already have one).

    My wording may sound like I'm favoring the BB but nothing is further from the truth. Play with WebOS enough and you'll see that you'll want to make the switch.
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    Alot of it may depend on what you use your phone for and what is important to you.

    My previous phone, a blackberry curve on Sprint, was my first smartphone and I loved it. It was the only smartphone I had used but felt I'd want to stick with the blackberry platform because it worked for me. Now keep in mind it was used as a personal phone for myself and for playing so my frame of mind is from that perspective. Well along came the pre and I was swayed to try it.

    There are some things I felt I missed from my bb but after about 7 months on my pre, I've grown more and more accustomed to the pre and the evolution/updates to webos up to this point has helped as well.

    One area I find the pre blows away the bb is with messaging. I know bb has updated to 5.0 and believe they've implemented threaded messaging so it may have improved but the pre is just simply great for SMS/messaging and how it integrates both. Though at first it took some getting used to being a new platform for me. Sure bb has bb messenger but since it can only be used between bb devices I found its usefulness limited.

    So for me, I prefer my pre but have a soft spot for bb being it was my first smartphone experience and don't want to rule out that I'd never go back. I'm still interested in the progression of Webos so I'll stick with it at this point.
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    I had the Curve. The bb wins in battery life and I loved BB messenger. But as far as ease of use and media the Pre wins. If I depended on a phone for a business I'd stick with BB, but otherwise the Pre wins for me.
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    Hey firecapt13, my name is BJ DeHut and I am representing Sprint as your SprintCareGuide. It looks like you have already gotten quite a few helpful answers. In terms of the main differences, any BB will be a stronger phone (less moving parts) so durability goes to BB. With BB you’ll also enjoy a longer battery life. BB Phones are very good for typing, while the Pre is too, it definitely has more of a learning curve. Though the Pre includes both a physical and virtual keyboard so regardless you’ll be able to get by with either. Pre has a “sexier” display, both in size and quality, as well as a fun to use operating system. Basically, both phones are going to have their pros and cons; the most important thing is that you choose a phone that you like for you. I would suggest going to go to your local Sprint store to play around with the Pre and the various BB models. You can take advantage of the Ready Now program where a Sprint employee will walk you through the phones, answering your question first hand. This will provide you with enough hands-on experience to definitely choose the phone for you.
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    Thank you. The BB i had was the Nextel version this is really no comparison. I got the Pre to try out on the 30 day then return it if you dont like it plan at Sprint recommendation. I was happy with the pre until this morning. The screen is stuck on the Palm Logo and will not come on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by firecapt13 View Post
    Thank you. The BB i had was the Nextel version this is really no comparison. I got the Pre to try out on the 30 day then return it if you dont like it plan at Sprint recommendation. I was happy with the pre until this morning. The screen is stuck on the Palm Logo and will not come on.
    Give it some time. How long has it been stuck? The pre is known for its long boot times. Id say on average 2-3 min. That can be considered a draw back but from what i hear its similar to if the BB loses battery and has a 15 min wait period in order to just cut back on an start charging.
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    You give it a restart.

    I am a BB Curve to a Pre user. Of course the battery isn't as good but thats because the hardware in the Pre is much much better.

    I liked the BB keyboard more....but it was a personal blackberry so my typing on it was minimal. The UI and features simply dwarf the BB in my opinion.
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    I switched from a BB Tour to the Palm Pre. I got a Tour for work, so I switched my personal phone to the Pre. For business purposes, I do a lot of email (POP3), and I much prefer the BB to the Pre. The push email on a Blackberry is great. I receive my email on my BB before I get it on my computer.

    For my personal use, the Pre is great. I do a lot of web browsing and it is much better on the Pre than the BB. The screen looks better, and images render much faster on the Pre.

    I am lucky in that I have one of each. I think that for power users, the BB is still the way to go (especially if you are heavy into email use). I think the Pre is a great phone, but it is still relatively new, and so there are growing pains associated with it.

    Overall, I think in time the Pre will rival the BB on just about every front. Battery life and email are the two areas where the BB stands out above all smartphones. If those aren't dealbreakers, I would go with the pre.
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    My wife had the BB and wanted the pixie, i got it for her, now she has the BB again (now the tour), then I've had the Pre and she's seen all the sh!t I've gone thru (6th Pre, update issues, lost contacts etc) and it's a no brainer for a woman... just my thoughts...

    If it was up to me, I've never had a BB, always palm Pre is da bang****snitz, love it and even though on #6 since June, I love it.
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    if you do get a pre, get a used one off of craigslist or something, this way you don't renew your contract and if palm releases a new version of the pre you can upgrade to that ;-)

    I have an BlackBerry 8330 as my work phone, i hate to use that damn thing, those stupid trackballs go bad all the time, it frustrates the heck out of me to have to scroll down and up all the time, plus i can't multitask. The os is so out of date that i setup my work emails on my Palm Pre lmao i don't even use it that much anymore.
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    I got a replacement after one day and have played with this one and really like it. Just having hard time convincing mysely to leave my beep beep nextel blackberry behind. Still have a few weeks to play with this one and learn to love it more.

    How durable is the pre or is it very fragile

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