Just because I wanted hard numbers to prove to my Know it All 23 year old son, that I in fact DO know what Im talking about... He has been going on about ATTs promos for $99 iPhone's and how great it is, bla bla bla..

I told him unless he wants to get a second JOB, and pay thru the nose for the service along with that so called $99 iPhone, he better stick with his basically FREE added on phone on MY Sprint plan.

Say what you want about the issues with Pre,. any phone, or even Sprint, sure they are not perfect, who is? But I tell ya, you can NOT touch their plans.. NO Way No HOW!

I just called ATT and got a break down for a family plan, with 3 iPhones. I nearly spit out my cocoa

1400 mins, shared with 3 phones $80 first phone, $10 each extra

we are now at $100

This does includes unlimted mobile to mobile but ONLY to ATT mobiles. Then they have the pick 10 most used numbers. whatever

ok , now want Text Messaging? Sure! Add $30 to the plan


Want all 3 phones to be iPhones? Sure

Add $30 for EACH one (thats for your data, web, email etc exclusive of texts)


Want Navigation on each phone? Sure

Add $10 each phone


On my Sprint Plan, I pay $129 for ALL OF the above. There used to be an extra $19.99 for the 3rd phone, but I played lets make a deal with them, and they took that offf

1 Hero
1 Pre
1 Instinct

1500 mins, Unlimited data, text, pics , navigation

I think the one who knows all may finally see the light, that MOM KNOWS BEST!