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    Alrighty, guys. I've got all the materials, I've got the dev docs, and I'm now almost ready to start upon a similar project to the one that started here on VC a short while back.

    I'm gonna try to make an adaptor for an N/S-Series Stowaway to the T-Series.

    But I wanna ask for anyone's advice/warnings/misgivings before I actually start. From what it appeared, the Visor->Edge adaptor was rather successful and relatively easy to put together. However, after looking over ThinkOutside's dev docs it appears that HS does the KB detection a little differently than the Palm devices (well, SOMETHING's a little different from what I remember, I gotta go through 'em a few more times).

    Does anyone think there may be any risk of frying either the KB or the CLIE? It doesn't APPEAR so, but then again, I've never done this before (nor am I an EE). From my brief run through of the docs, it seems like I may only have to deal with rerouting some pins, similar to what was done with the Edge KB project, but I don't wanna kill either piece of hardware. Also, the ThinkOutside docs seemed to only cover Palm, HS, Compaq, and HP devices. I didn't see the Sony ones listed, but I'm assuming they may be similar (for KB functionality, anyway) to the Palm devices.

    So any advice or warnings that one can provide would be appreciated. It'll take me a coupla days once I actually pick up the parts (they're at the post office waiting for me), so I haven't started yet. But I AM itching for a full sized KB for this thing (I DO write heavily on my PDAs). I just figured that since ThinkOutside's taking it's time, I'll try it myself.

    Hey, it worked once before!
    -Richard Powell

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    Wish I had some advice to give you, but I'm an EE ignoramus. However, I'm extremely interested to hear if you're able to get it to work. Good luck!

    Rumors as to whether a Stowaway keyboard for the T-Series is in development are all over the place. At the beginning of the year, Think Outside (the people who actually develop and build the Stowaway) said they would have something in late 2nd quarter of 2002.

    Then there were rumors of an adapter from Targus, who markets and sells the keyboard; their marketing department has quashed these rumors, and at the same time saying they have "no plans" to support the T-series in the future. (You'd think they'd pass on what Think Outside has said, but apparently Targus' marketing department has all the smarts of a bag of gravel.)

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    Well, a coupla people over on Cliesource have said that the T-Series does do something different in terms of the kind of signal it sends through the port. Someone mentioned that it'd actually need a software driver rewrite to handle it.

    Still, I'm gonna try. I've got a broken S300 and a free S-Series Stowaway, so I don't have much to lose. I'll wait a coupla more days before I start, just to see if anyone else has any other advice/warnings to give.

    I don't wanna risk killing my T615C at LEAST until the NR series is released here, hehe.
    -Richard Powell

    "Nice guys may finish last, but you know, the company's much better back here."

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