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    Thought this was very funny and wanted to share! Woot : Ten Reasons Google's Nexus One is the iPhone Killer

    1. Aroma spray technology allows for fully immersive fart apps.
    2. All phone calls instantly and efficiently forwarded to the Chinese government.
    3. Pulsing trackball perfect for all-night Centipede raves.
    4. Live Wallpapers quickly become "most exciting feature no one will use after two days."
    5. LED camera flash due to misunderstanding all the demands for Flash on the iPhone.
    6. Massive YouTube usablity improvement: all comments automatically ignored.
    7. Location-based photographs document exactly when and where you became a slave to material possessions.
    8. Screen routinely fogs up to realistically demonstrate how all of your personal information is truly in The Cloud.
    9. Increased productivity due to massive lack of interesting and distracting games.
    10. Background notifications allow you to be instantly informed when your newly-purchased phone has become obsolete. DING.
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    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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