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    I have two instincts in my house and I have a few questions that I can't find answerers for anywhere else so I'm asking here.

    Ringtones. Are they MP3 files?

    Where can I find apps and content for the Instinct? All the websites I found are dead.

    Thanks in advance.
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    From what I remember from the Instincts that I had, MP3s worked for ringtones. I use myxer dot com and have the ringtones texted right to the phone. As for apps, not sure. When I had mine, the only place I would get anything for it was on the sprint site.
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    Myxer is a good site to use for ringtones for just about any phone. I've used them for ringtones for both my Instinct and my Pre.

    You're very limited for Instict apps. The keyboard update they released helped a good bit for getting things like Opera Mini, but not much else. It is a Java based OS so you need jar packages if memory serves me correctly. There is a site caled getjar I think that may be able to help you out if it is still up.
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