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    It's interesting that all the hardware needed to turn the new Clie into a really useful VideoPhone exists in this new SONY device. My bet is that this will be the device that launches SONY into the leading Palm Licensee and outsells all of them by this time next year (3/1/2003), here's why:

    1) The faster processor means it's better equipped to handle greater processing tasks needed for multimedia/communications.
    2) The device has an integrated VideoCamera. Though the resolution is comparitivly weak to most digital camers/EM2, it's appears adequate for a VideoPhone (Note I say VideoPhone, not VisorPhone).
    3) The MS slot can be used with non-memory devices (i.e. Bluetooth/Sony Camera), therefore a snap-in module like the VisorPhone is indeed possible. Perhaps a little earpiece on the MS or even just a small connector to allow plugging in a headset would be best suited for a wireless communicator/VideoPhone device. This way you could communicate directly from one Clie to another, perhaps even a Clie to NetMeeting?
    4) Using GPRS or other high-speed communications technology would be able to provide enough bandwidth to support the VideoPhone. A MS for GPRS or CDMA could be developed (or possibly use the Bluetooth MS to a data-enabled cellphone-I think BT would be too slow to support a VideoPhone with Audio though) and the user can choose which communication technology they wish to use.

    Given the high-resolution screen, expandability, Camera, on-board memory, faster processor, SONY is positioning themselves for a device that can do what I was hoping Handspring would have already done by now. Instead, HS seems to be ticking people off by abandoning Springboards and not being as innovative as they should be (Where's a Color device that you can view outdoors? Where's the TREO with Expandability? Wake-up guys, someone's about to eat your lunch and you don't even see it coming!)

    Now we see an incredible new device appear from SONY that has everything except wireless-phone communications. If such a VideoPhone/Memory stick was available for this new Clie that allowed the device to operate as a VideoPhone, they would OWN the market! Not that they won't anyway, they are clearly positioning themselves to be a leader in the PDA marketplace.

    There is no way Handspring nor even Palm could compete with this. SONY would wind up buying controlling share in Palm just to keep the OS alive while they continue to innovate this and their next-generation devices.

    Anyways, just a thought. I hope Handspring has something in the works beside the TREO 270, otherwise, I'm concerned for HS's future. I never thought I'd say that

    Isn't competition a wonderful thing?
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    I wouldn't be surprised if they have a prototype vid phone already. A Palm OS 5 Clie would definately be able to handle being a vid phone.
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