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    A PDA enthusiast in Japan has written a review of the new NR Flip-Screen Clie, after he got to play with one for a short period of time.

    It either answers or provides hints to a number of questions raised in previous threads about the new flip screen. (E.g, it is a metal casing -- Magnesium -- and the Virtual Grafitti screen would at first glance appear to be "always on" unless the Palm app knows how to shut it off.)

    It's posted over on PalmInfoCenter.


    The reviewer also posted to a page with some more photos of the new Clie. Check it out.

    One neat thing you can do with the Virtual Grafitti screen -- display a trace of what you're writing, while you're writing it. I think Teal Software puts out a hack that lets you do something similar -- but this displays the trace in the Grafitti area. Very nice idea!
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