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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    If anything the big slab form factor is outdated.
    Yeah, which is why all of the current and forthcoming high-end touchscreen phones use that form factor.

    Because it's outdated.
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    Remember also that the Pre doesn't have a digital compass which makes it incapable of running next-gen apps such as augmented reality applications. No Google Goggles overlay, no SkyView, no Yelp overlays, no Facebook profile overlays.

    It also doesn't have a good camera which makes barcode integration apps impossible. No instant price search or automatic information gathering.

    Two of the most important categories of smartphone apps can not even be developed for the Pre. This makes me really sad.

    I am hoping that Pre 2.0 will have a digital compass, but right now the geek inside of me is feeling pretty left out since all of the innovation is happening on the iPhone and Android platforms.
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    I can't wait for my contract to run out. I agree- many things missing from the Pre. I'm on my second phone. I don't feel I should have to apply patches to get the functionality I need. And then uninstall them every time a minor update comes out. I can't play VM attachments in WMA. The screen is too small. I get no email notifications, and after the new update, my screen no longer flickers on for a couple of seconds, alerting me to new email. The apps are pitiful, with very little useful. No removable storage. I can go on. I was first in line for the Pre. I will be going to Verizon for a more useful phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tlaz View Post
    Dude -

    No hating here. I was miserable with 1.3.1 and am now happier than ever with 1.3.5. The lag is mostly gone - everything is much snappier. The touchscreen is way more responsive and battery life is seriously improved. It's been a long haul with the Pre, but don't give up. Bite the bullet - do EPR to remove all your patches, then update to 1.3.5, and finally do EMH to move your homebrew apps. Your Pre should rock! With CES coming, there will be even more to be excited about with the Pre. I suspect video recording is coming very soon.
    I AGREE! The phone is much faster and more responsive now. The touchscreen is also more responsive. Hmm as far as I can see it... Maybe Palm is getting closer to reveiling their secret weapon on Jan. 7.. and our phones with 1.3.5 is most suitable for this secret weapon which they will soon RELEASE FOR US!! MUUAHAHAHAHA lol
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    I think the hardware specs are still good except for the small form factor. The Pre has plenty of processing power and sufficient memory for most tasks. The camera is also decent and includes flash unlike some of the other cameras.

    The form factor is where I personally have problems. In my mind the Pre is not so much outdated as having a suboptimal form factor from the beginning. It has a keyboard and screen that are too small. The screen is so small that you want to rotate the screen for web browsing, email, notes, reading, etc. -- but then you can't really use the keyboard. And then you have the keyboard which I have not adapted to after 5 months of use. The Pixi is a lot closer to the right form factor, but it is simply too small to use for anything except casual web browsing, email or note taking.

    I have to admit that I have a negative reaction to sliders of any form. I just don't trust the reliability of moving parts. I like the Droid form factor even less than the Pre or Pixi. I think that the Nokia E72 or Blackberry Bold are closest to the idea form factor -- if Palm could take the keyboard from one of them and add a larger screen that would be about perfect for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donm527 View Post
    Pre is not outdated because it's hardware specs can practically match iphones currect specs and if they can optimize it should run as well as the rest. and the pre has the 'ability' to come out with every current feature you can find on the other smartphones... except magnetometer. so not really outdated... just way behind.
    So the Pre hardware specs are average compared to what's been released since last June and the software is "way behind." I see other OSes moving forward at a good clip with their software evolution, is Palm actually gaining on them or are they losing ground from their already lagging position?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    Yeah, imagine a world where full touchscreen phones like iPhone and Android can actually play crossword puzzle apps.
    I didn't say that you couldn't play Crossword apps with the iPhone the interface just SUCKS compared to the Crosswords on the Pre, because of not having to use half the screen for a keyboard that pops up and goes away.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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