Just curious, but what has been the typical track record for Sony releasing their new models in the states in relation to their release in Japan? This is, of course, already assuming that said device WILL be released in the states.

When was the N700C announced in Japan? When was it released there? Similarly, how long did it take for the N710C to be announced/released here?

What about the N600C and N610C?

And the T400/T415?


On average, does anyone remember the turnaround time? Yes, I'm an impatient little bugger when it comes to these things, so I just wanna know how long I should put myself into cryogenic sleep, that's all.

But seriously, what about the accessories as well? Specifically, how long did it take the MS camera to come to the US? While I really WANT one of the new CLIEs, I have a higher "need" for the MS Bluetooth device.