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    Check out the Fisher-Price Pixter product page.

    It is a toy that looks like a PDA - complete with digitizer screen, stylus and software modules. It is really a fancy drawing toy, but, for $50 list ($40 at, it looks like a pretty neat toy for a creative youngster. The thing that bothers and disappoints me is that it doesn't seem to have any way of connecting to a PC so a child could save or print out his creations (you can save some things in the device and in some of the software modules). If it had this ability to connect, I'd think it would be a nice way to introduce the PDA concept to kids in a fun toy.

    Personally, I like the idea of kids beginning to use tools like these and the electronic diaries and such when they are young. As an Academic Advisor who works with college freshmen, I'm still surprised at how many (not TOO many any more, but some) don't seem particularly comfortable with technology.
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    my ten year old niece has long pestered her mother and me for when she could have our "old" VDX'es. Her mom upgraded to a Prism and now she's got the Deluxe. Kids these days are WAY more into technology than ever.
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    I got the pixter and all modules for the daughter(9 yrs old) for Christmas as she HAD to have it. Looks like the new has worn off, but it will be a help on long car trips along with her Game Boy and an old VDX.

    Kids are scary they catch on so quick...
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    Nine years old *cough cough* omg! that fisher pice thing would have been to "kiddie for me at age 7! Im only 12 years old and im running a PDA website, and have a Handspring Visor Platinum. i have already begun creating my own PDA game, and no im not lying about any of this! The fisher price toy would be good for kids younge r then 6 years but after that- Give them a real PDA.
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    That's pretty good for 12 years old.... My little brother is 12 as well.

    However, one more skill you should learn is how to spell check. Your name is spelled wrong. It should be "Samurai" not "Samuari."

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    The older Cybiko computers have a few PIM functions. It only went over here because it was PINK. (She's 4)
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    ...Trotsky.... your Avatar.... very peaceful and rhythmic... back and forth... back and forth....


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    Originally posted by Stealth_Samuari
    Nine years old *cough cough* omg! that fisher pice thing would have been to "kiddie for me at age 7!
    But you underestimate the power a 9 year old daughter has on her father.

    Realize that she already has a 1ghz laptop, a TV, All Nintendo platforms, VCR, DVD, Stero etc, comes a point when it's real hard to come up with anything to get them for Holidays and birthdays. When they ask for something, you take note!

    In any case, the chase for the modules was fun because, as is normal at Christmas time, you have to cruise the web everyday to get all the modules.

    She'll have a Platinum too as soon as my Clie arrives.

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