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    we're on the home stretch...
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    Gl is coming? Wow, that's impressive. Didn't take long at all
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    Count me in.
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    Cards is an awesome implementation of multitasking on a smartphone
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    a couple more days
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    Things are good with WebOS. What really drew me in initially was multi-tasking capability and it feels really good to be typing an email and going into my inbox to find another email, copying that information over, texting someone to find an address, copying that into the email, and sending it out without ever worrying about losing my data. So, that was nice, but now all the features they are adding are making it better, like 3D gaming, video (coming), and flash. It's all making me very excited to be a WebOS user.

    Homebrew has been very useful for me in getting apps for free and enhancing the usefulness of my Pre, but there are lots of great apps in the official app store now, so I don't think homebrew is necessary for someone to have a Pre. However, homebrew is something that the iPhone doesn't have, so it may be a reason to switch because it really extends the variety of apps further than Apple would probably allow.

    The one thing I would change about the Pre in the next version is the screen size. Because even though it is a very nice looking screen, I don't get a feeling that it is at its maximum capability with a 3.1 inch screen. If it had a ginormous screen like the HD2, it would make the experience all the more incredible.

    I sure hope they make it through the financial situation because I want my phone to be supported for the long term. If they stick around, I really could see myself becoming a loyal WebOS user because it is such a great platform. I think they will make it because once people switch, they will not want to leave. The key is getting people to try something new.
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    our very last chance!
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