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    Quote Originally Posted by kingcobra2010 View Post
    I would love to continue this conversation but I do feel this will get boring.
    so you're not going to provide any links/proof to the claims you made? didn't think so.

    and for someone that only owns an ipod you get very definsive about apple.
    im not defensive about Apple or any brand. it irritates me when people like you start making claims and stating opinions and passing them off as fact.

    Even though I own a mbp & mini, I would never defend apple.
    unless you bought them used, then you are indeed supporting Apple, which is in the same vein as defending them. you buy their products, but hate them.

    They sale overpriced junk.
    their products are NOT junk. they make quality hardware. their pricing on computers used to be a bit out of line with the Windows/PC market, but has recently become more competitive.

    The only reason I use apple is for the net since they own very little market share.
    cause you're afraid of all the scary hackers and viruses out there, right?

    For functionality I go to my pc. Can not do really anything with a mac.
    you've got to be kidding or seriously ignorant.

    do not need to play with an islate to call it crap.
    with this one sentence, absolutely all of your self-perceived credibility went down the toilet.

    Overpriced crap.
    that you buy.

    The only 2 things apple did right iphone & switching to intel so people can run windows on an apple.
    haha, that had nothing to do with why they switched to Intel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingcobra2010 View Post
    chudd get some friends and a life. Do not call me your bro because I take offensive to you calling me bro.

    also you are wrong again _ not from jersey

    good night
    will you be my firstest ever friend......bro?
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    Since, some people can not google or find information for themselves, i will provide some information.

    First, apple can remove programs off your iphone/ipod touch.
    here is the link.
    There are two programs that I know of that you can put on your said device and it will be removed in 3 days or less. Now, if you want those programs to test for your own, just google for. Since some may consider the programs malicious (apple), I will not provide the direct link. (like the concept of ware z, I would never provide a link nor information for that once underground movement).

    LTE is not GSM.
    Let me set this up for you. First, I will have to provide this information in several links. I am sorry but the direct link can not be released.

    1st lets show the need.

    Now lets show verizon need even more

    Now lets show verizon needs to make this happen

    Now lets explain UMTS for that do not understand what it is

    Now lets make the rumor truth

    OOPS cats out the bag. Nice so you are saying that Nokia is suing apple over something it does not have? How strange. Nokia is a big company. Yea, they got smart. They sued apple before apple could release the new iphone but they probably will work out a deal. So, it is still coming to verizon.

    Now lets look at this chud311 character. That is rather strange to become very combative about apple if you just have one ipod. It does not make sense. Also, why would you know or even care about the reason apple switched to intel. Just not adding up. Mac is not super expensive that you could not have one of there computers if you are so infatuated with them. So, you are either not telling the truth and you have other mac products and follow the company like a cult. Or is there another reason. I have read others make this speculation about the apple media machine. Some have theorized that the supposed apple fanatic that is not open to reason, is actually apple employed media extensions. Now if true that would have to be the most aggressive/ingenious/manipulative marketing I have ever seen. I thought the apple commercial's praying on innocent kids were bad/ingenious/manipulative, this would be even grander. Have people blog, to incorporate, infiltrate then manipulate the board. I would not put it past apple. If you actually dissected their ads, there are several key hidden selling points. Not very hard to note. Now I do not expect you to confirm or disconfirm who or what you are. Like anything undercover, the motto goes "admit to nothing and deny everything".

    Now, I have a mac strictly for the net. Since mac has little to market share in the business or PC sector, they provide a way for me to be safe on the net. I do not have to worry about firewalls/antivirus/port attacks/ sandboxing/ etc. There are not many attacks on the mac. It just does not make sense for the malicious/financially driven individuals to go after mac. Make one program that can target 90% of the market vs make a program that targets 4%. Pretty much a no brainer. Now if I want to get things done outside of the net, then I go to windows. Windows provides a lot more productive environment versus mac. There are several more applications and there are tons more peripheral support. Apple boxes me in while microsoft lets me free. Now for your information, I have started looking into other less expensive options like unbuntu and the new chrome os for my internet needs. Hopefully they provide me with the safety I need on the net so that I can get rid of my severely overpriced apples (chrome os looks it will be my new alternative when it becomes available).

    Now lets hear more of chud311 overbearing and obnoxious comments since he/she has nothing better to do. You guys know it is coming. This guy is in need of some alternative fun seeking needs. You might want to try facebook or something like or those other sites. Seriously get a LIFE!!!! O yea how much does apple pay you to blog here?
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    Time to close this thread I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SqyArc View Post
    Time to close this thread I think.

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    (and rather uninformed at that)
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    back in 2006 they also had speculated that utms/wcdma would be the future. LTE is next in line
    here is what they started in 2007. 3 yrs was what they projected = 2010. it will be here soon. 1/2 Verizon = Vodaphone

    hopefully this does not affect the sprint roaming on verizon network. When I go to areas not heavily populated, my phone tends to use verizon towers.
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    and heres the chip that will do it. Says lte but i suspect it will not really support verizons LTE network in 2012 or 2013
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    @chud311 i agree with everything you said. i've never seen a person get blasted for nothing.
    @kingcobra2010 whats up bro.
    My HTC Evo Is Great...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SqyArc View Post
    The iPhone has been around since June 2007, and WebOS has been around since June 2009. You can't expect a startup operating system to come fully equipped with every app and feature that you want in 6 months.

    Once WebOS has had 2 years development and refinement, then you can continue this pointless conversation.
    I can agree with this statement to a certain extent, but to offer up a different point of view, Palm came into the game late. While that does put you behind, it also allows you opportunities to surpass your competitors. Web OS has lots of good things about it, but it is missing basic functionality. That is just a fact. Palm should have cooked it longer and got it to a point that it could be compared to Android 2.0 or iPhone OS 3.1. But they didn't. They way they are moving they built it to compare to version 1.0 of those OS's I mentioned. In my opinion that was a bad decision, because now Web OS is just looking out dated.

    Let’s all admit it, you have to innovate somewhere, ether with the hardware you use or the OS, and Palm missed the bus to do either. I own a Pre, but have concerns on the build quality, as I have already went through 5 of them. I have used Palm phones for years, on Verizon and Sprint. Palm was doing something with the Treo 800w and Treo Pro. The Pre, while nice, is a step backwards. Missing functionality of plain old cell phones 4 years old is pretty bad. I knew this going in, and accepted it, but its hard to accept a poor phone (hardware wise) and wait patiently for new features when your competitors are stepping up their game (and this is in reference to the new android and winmo phones with 1ghz CPU's, AF Cameras, faster browsers, FM Radio, etc, etc, list goes on and on). I hate to see this go this way for Palm, but the Pre isn't even a close iPhone contender or a threat to Android. At this point, it’s only a threat to Winmo 6.5, and if Winmo 7 is a killer OS, then Palm maybe out of the game at that point.

    I really feel that with the Pre Palm decided to design its PDA features first, phone second, and multimedia last. So many missed opportunities Palm, so many have been missed.
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    I've never heard anything about an islate, but I will agree that palm needs to listen to its customers and add the features and functionality that we are asking for in the updates. WebOS has so much potential and I personally want to see palm succeed in sales now that they will be with verizon.
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    madcow706: I also agree with a lot of what you have said.

    surgie: There certainly does seem to be some truth in the iSlate story. See this link.
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    Ill be honest, i didnt look at all of the links kingcobra posted, but thats because i personally dont care. I dont have a problem with apple, competition is healthy, and apple is one of the biggest competitors in the mobile world. With all of these companies fighting for the almighty dollar, its the consumer that wins in the end.

    Im puzzled how one can say brash things about a product that has never even be seen (unless i missed that news headline). the apple tablet/islate hasnt even been officially announced, yet you (kingcobra) hate it. Doesnt add up to me.

    Dont know a thing about Verizon's LTE service, and frankly, dont care. If apple really wants to see one of their phones on Big Red, they will make it work, regardless of it being GSM or CDMA. Although AT&T has been touting their ability to use voice and data simultaneously via GSM in their Verizon attack ads.

    Im not exactly "on top" of todays tech news, but i havent seen anything about a smaller iphone. that really wouldnt make much sense anyway, from what i understand, iphones OS isnt "scaling" friendly. I could be wrong though.

    Palm also has the abilities to remote delete apps from their phones, they just dont. Doesnt mean they cant or wont.

    maybe i read your first post wrong, but what i got from it was that the rumored "islate" is coming to verizon and is a smaller screen iphone. Isnt the islate supposed to be a tablet of sorts running iphone OS or something similar?

    Maybe were are all looking at WebOS in the wrong way.

    Its the OS that keeps on giving...........via OTA updates that is.

    I guess my glass is half full. lol.
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    First, I have to say, I am on my first pre. I have never had to return it or had slow problems. It does slow down when the phone reception is not that good but for the most part it loads and stops apps immediately. I have more than 7 cards up a good majority of the time without any problems. I can not really see how any one is going toward the 5th phone. What are you guys doing to the phone. I can not see how the design even requires you to have to return the phone 5 times. Its like talking to someone how has gotten a divorce 5 times. who is at fault the phone or the phone owner. I am just saying wow what is the deal? Especially from someone that has never posted. you would expect them to ask someone. come on seriously? five times? no questions? has been a member since july 2009?

    Actually, there has been only one comment about the product. More about apples dealing and especially with apples dealing with verizon. In case no one has heard pre will start selling on verizon in 2010. The is a call to action so that palm gets the message not to repeat the same mistakes it made with sprint. Get palm on track with the functionality options. That was the point of the statements. The title was just to get people hooked so that they would read the article. Flat title equals no one reads. Eye catching title equals several people read. Pretty simple idea. I bashed the islate in one sentence out of several. Just stated it was junk.

    Actually will not go full cdma. no data and voice at the same time. gsma, wcdma, lte will allow for data and voice. But that is a very complicated topic. Not important for most people to know the facts about how the information is sent.

    Actually iphone "was" not scaler friendly. Since october 2009 apple has been changing that.

    Never heard that palm can remote delete apps off anyones phone. I do not suspect your statement is true since they provide doctoring program so that you can personal reformat you phone. Apple does not allow such activity. Case in point. anyone can put a cpu throttle program on their phone. I have never seen/heard of palm deleting the program off anyones phones. If apple had such a program which it does not, I suspect apple would quickly remove the program off the phone. If you have an ipod touch with net access or none jailbroken iphone, there is 2 programs that I know off that apple will remove off your phone if installed. Do a google search and you will find those programs. install at your own digression.

    If you (garrettq) want to know more about the apple product just google islate or apple arm or apple tablet for more information. I am already doing to much typing as it is.
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    Palm is to Apple in the cell phone market as Apple is to Microsoft in the Desktop arena. Palm may never be more popular than Apple but it does NOT need to be in order to be a successful player.

    As long as Palm keeps pushing forward with productive updates, better build quality, and can eventually make a reliable profit then all is good.

    As an aside, I'm a die-hard Mac person when it comes to my computers. However, I chose a Pre over an iPhone because of the OS and the hardware keyboard. In many ways, I think the Pre is a better "Apple phone" than the iPhone. It may have it's issues but style and ease of use - it has in spades.

    I'm guessing the "iSlate" (and I wouldn't be surprised at all if that's just a development name) will be a great device, btw. It really doesn't have anything to do with Palm, though - unless they decide to enter the tablet market.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jtfolden View Post
    Palm is to Apple in the cell phone market as Apple is to Microsoft in the Desktop arena. Palm may never be more popular than Apple but it does NOT need to be in order to be a successful player.
    palm is no way apple. apple is overpriced. palm is not overpriced. Not only is apple overpriced, it is actually twice the price of a comparable windows pc. Also, i hope they never copy apples motto of control of the user functionailty. so no hopefully palm never tries to become apple. Imitating, is a downgrade.

    I do not expect you to go against your apple. Fair enough. I remember a couple of years ago when apple had these adds about their supercomputer processor, the g5. They had bar graphs showing this thing blowing away a p4. Made it look like it was the G5 was 10X a better processor (you would have thought it could challenge an I7 processor of today). It looked so impressive I had to test it out. Well, I was very disappointed. That g5 did not even provide any more benefit than the p4 system in adobe acrobat, photoshop, video playing, mp3, etc. That is when I know that apple was all about media. Funny how now apple has switched to intel processor. They now say that the g5 dual processor is slower than a core 2 duo. When I bring it up with people that are fanatics of apple, those fanatics tend to forget how apple was selling the G5 like your were buying a supercomputer and that intel was a worthless cpu for the windows users. Funny how things change and people have selective amnesia.

    There are other things that apple has failed in, but as you can see this is an palm pre forum. Thus, it is only appropriate to focus on things that affect palm pre and its business model. The above was only food for thought but lets stay focused on palm pre and verizon/sprint and what we need to do to succeed in the states. Can not say much about O2, Bell and the others.
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