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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxLOL View Post
    I am not going anywhere. Sprint's plans are un-matched and this phone suites my purpose very well.
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    sprint rocks. best bang for buck. for me, the pre needs to fix the lag by june otherwise i will use my 1yr premium discount on another phone. THEY NEED TO FIX THE LAG first and foremost.
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    I am staying. I look at the Pre as an infant and we are privileged enough to watch it grow. Just like your child you learn something new about it every day.
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    I will stay with Sprint. I already switch to a different phone (Hero) but I am keeping my Pre and will gladly switch back if Palm gets it together. I'm just not waiting any longer.
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    it depends if the pre 2 comes out and what the form factor it is i like vertical keyboards like the pre and the specs for it. But i will most likely stick with webos
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    I've really turned into an anti-Google person.

    I don't much care for the OS they use on their phones and I really see Google as the brains in Futurama that are trying to acquire all information and all that...
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    I'm sticking with the pre. The phone does everything that it said it would do when I bought it. I still have the same release date pre and love it. My wife and son also love theirs. For any of you looking to get rid of yours, I'm looking for 2 more so feel free to message me.

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    It really depends on what's the best available phone in July 2010. I love my Pre, and would choose to keep it if the best Sprint phones available are still Pre, Moment, and Hero. If there's a better Android phone with a physical keyboard, I'd consider it. But so far nothing has come up that's made me seriously considering dumping the Pre.

    Played with the Droid, but I love Sprint, and hated the Droid keyboard. The only real reason to consider jumping from the Pre are the availability of apps, but I have a feeling that Pre will have a much more robust SDK access by then.
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    im staying
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    Quote Originally Posted by T3CK View Post
    Why would my opinion or others should matter to you? I'm not the one using your phone every day. Please don't ask us if you should stick with boxers also...

    Use whatever phone you enjoy the most, who cares what others use.
    Great post, wish others thought the same way!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kel101 View Post
    depends how my second pre is. Will get it after christmas, the one i have now has a slight oreo though im sure it will get worse, and the slider its messed up if you try and slide it from the left side. Not huge issues but warrants ftw?
    How do you normally open the slider?

    The first thing that pops into my head when I read something like that is: stop twisting on it and it won't get worse!
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    Im staying with Palm and the Pre for sure! WebOS has a lot of Potential! I really do see Palm coming up in a few short years from now! And hopefully to see something big to be released! As for Sprint, Sprint is awesome, great service, unbeatable plans and their prices, and good coverage! Heck!! Maybe Pre 2 might work on Sprint's 4G? How about the all new "Pre 4G" haha! Only a wish!
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    As long as palm demonstrates through the next several updates that they are planning significant things for the phone and are actually achieving signiciant goals instead of patching/adding things that they broke or should have been available in the first place, I will stay.

    The phone suits my needs, but seeing a half-finished product every day is irksome without knowing the endgame. I really do not want to still be playing catch-up a year from now--I want a SYNERGY that goes beyond 'yeah, ill pull your contacts and throw all your calendars together'.

    If palm can prove that there is a plan and that they are making progress, then I am down for the ride. If half a year passes and the only updates that have been released do nothing to imply a larger purpose to the phone, my eye will start to wander, if only for the promise of a much more fully fledged ecosystem on a droid device.

    Problem is, the device will need to have a keyboard I can use single handedly.
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    Ima stick with my Pre... atleast for the next two years of my new contract and the next big thing is out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaize View Post
    I love my Pre as well, even with the slight oreo/wobble...which I'm gonna try to adjust as there is absolutely nothing else wrong with this handset. Plus I love patches & homebrew (thx devs). I would never ever leave Sprint. Been with 'em eight years and they've always been great with me.
    I agree with you totally bit I'm on my 6th Pre and I'm sick of this oreo crap! Build is just too cheap for me. I'll be back with Pre 2. My wife has a Hero that I've been playing with and love it!
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    LOVE my Pre and for me the Sprint coverage and pricing is SO much less than the other carriers. My co-worker has a lovely I-phone but his service with AT&T completely sucks. We did a Pandora radio launch "race" and my Pre was playing the agreed upon song for over 30 seconds before his I-phone started playing it.
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    I own Pre, and a Samsung Moment (one for business, one for personal) my wife has a Pre, and we are VERY happy with Sprint. (Have been for 10 years) and are happy with our Pres as well. Neither has had to be returned. Wife did have an issue losing contacts, so we no longer depend on palm backup, but hey, I actually never did exclusively for myself anyway. We hope that Palm continues to improve our phone via updates, and I homebrew mine as needed. I guess the thing for us is, we researched, we knew it's limitations, but we also knew it's upside, and chose to get the phone hoping such things as voice control, video, more and better apps, and other things would come.
    I tire of the whiners who complain about these things because they should have known these things before they bought the phone. If they couldn't wait, they should have gotten some other phone.
    BTW, if any developer can create bluetooth funtionality to allow me to print from my PRE that would rock!!!
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    I moved to sprint for the Pre and I am really happy with sprint for the most part. Cheap data prices for sure and unlimted talk all for 60 bucks a month. Can't beat that..

    I was happy with the pre at first but after having it for 6 months. Learning that the CPU is under clocked and no scaling. The GPU is off and the lag still not fixed. Along with the fact that my pre has slight Oero effect. I am going to be using my 1 year upgrade in 6 months if they don't fix the CPU, GPU and have flash in 5 months.
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    I'm going to stick with Sprint 100% always most likely, but I think I am going to move on from the Pre to the HTC Hero in January.

    I do love my pre, but just a little annoyed of the lag on my particular phone, and I do wish there were more apps. But I will still miss alot of features from my Pre. The UI is def amazing though.

    But also, I am a phone-addict...If I get too comfortable with a phone, I need to get a new one to tinker with and learn how to use it haha. I've had like 5 different phones this year alone.
    I"m still hopin the new update will be amazing and make me want to really stay with the Pre though!

    (and merry xmas all!)
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    Good to hear everyone, I'm glad we made this post.
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