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    Quote Originally Posted by foosball View Post
    That's what we have these forums for...about 5 minutes on this forum and he could have saved himself the hassle of having to go through getting a new phone.

    Its an easy fix...just pry off the power button gently and put a tiny piece of rubber underneath the button to give it some spring and BOOM you're in business!

    I used a small piece of balloon but you could just as easliy use a rubber band or similar improvisation.
    Hardly an acceptable solution to shoddy workmanship; great for getting it working until the replacement gets there though.
    I'm afraid I can't let you do that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redninja View Post
    The OP has been a member here since 2004, that's almost 6 years.
    Yeah, and I bet I've been a Palm customer a lot longer than most of the people here. My first unit was a Palm 1000, and I've used exclusively USR/3Com/Palm/Handspring products since then (which was about 1997 IIRC). I even had the first phone, the VisorPhone, in 2001. The Droid is my first non-Palm device in more than a decade.

    Quote Originally Posted by MaxLOL
    Get insurance next time makes things easier on everyone involved.
    I don't mind insurance for accidental drops, etc... in my mind, that's what insurance is for. I shouldn't have to buy insurance to get a replacement for a defective product when it is in warranty.

    However, my biggest issue with Palm is the lack of quality and lack of anyone taking responsibility for customer satisfaction. I mean, the headset jack has been a problem since at least the Treo 600 days... you think they'd have it fixed by now. And sending me a phone with a defective screen... don't they test the refurbs before they go out? And then not following through when I called to let them know it was defective? And then asking me open a brand new SRO case and asking me to retest my defective phone to make sure it was still defective? And then needing to charge me again to send a second replacement phone? That's not a company that cares about solving problems for its customers.

    Merry X-mas, all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    Couldn't agree more! I hated having to go through multiple phones, constantly crashing, looking for updates that never came, buggy, kludgy OS.

    So glad those Treo days are gone.
    Did you buy a Hero then? Sounds like for many Pre owners, its the same old Palm even though it is under new management.

    I think the last really solid Palm device I owned was the first one, the Palm V.
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