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    My work just offered me a brand new iphone 3GS for free for the second time since June, along with paying for my phone bill. (Company owners just love Apple)

    I politely declined, and again opted to stick with my Pre and pay my own phone bill.

    That's about all that needs to be said for my feelings on Apple and the iphone.
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    I prefer WebOS over iPhoneOS, and I dislike the iPhone hardware, but you cant argue with the number of apps that it has. I am not very tempted by it though because I know that WebOS and ANdroid will both be growing very quickly over the next few months, and Apple will be left with its closed, overpriced device tied to a crappy network.

    I would much rather spend money, at this point, on an ebook reader that runs Android on a touchscreen than on an iPhone. Apps is all Apple has going for it, and the iPhone is jsut too closed down for Apple to be able to maintain that advantage over the long term. Geeks are moving over to WebOS and Android, and the apps will follow.
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    I would not. One reason is that I really dislike the form factor of the iPhone. As soon as I played with one in '06 I was like there is no way I am putting this in my pocket, and REALLY no way I'm buying a holster. No offense to any of the Batman types out there. Another reason I wouldn't is that I love webOS; I think it spanks the hell out of what the iPhone has going for it. Multitasking is huge for me too -real multitasking, not putting a call on hold while I look at one other app. I love the homebrew scene and the way that Palm intereacts with them, and I cannot wait to see what can be done with webOS.

    I know that there are some issues witht eh Pre currently. You guys (who do not have your heads in the sand) certainly remember the first year for the igotonetooPhone and all of it's growing pains. I'm sure that, while it would have benefited Palm to have things more together at launch, they will have things together before long in a way that makes an iPhone just look like an iPod touch that can make phone calls. Oh wait...

    ps -I have only ever personally owned Macbooks as far as any kind of computer goes, and I don't think I'll ever buy anything else. So, I'm definitley not an Apple hater. I just don't think the iPhone is nearly as great as some people seem to think.
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    I would. The only reason I came to sprint was their lower data pricing. If they give me an iphone I would certainly take it for what Im paying now.
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    I have had many chances to get the iPhone before the Pre....i still see no use for it.

    The Pre is better suited for what I do...hence why I own it.
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    Just call me Berd.
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    I would switch.

    Reasons I got a Pre and not an Ipod?
    1. Expensive cost of AT&T
    2. No physical Keyboard

    Feelings now:
    1. If it left AT&T those high cost plans are not an issue.
    2. I'm not a fan of the pre keyboard. not enough travel. small keys. no autocorrect too. Worse since 1.3.1 my keyboard is one minute unresponsive, the next it repeats letters indefinitely. I think I can now live with a virtual keyboard only.

    Biggest things driving me away from the pre.
    Battery life is horrible, touchscreen isn't responsive to my finger. bad Apps, no games. But some of the biggest issues are Music, social networking apps. I didn't think the Apps would be as simplistic and rough around the edges as they are. But replacing my Ipod was a huge draw and it hasn't panned out. I'd hoped the music player was every inch as good as an ipod by every measurment. And it's just not close. Especially with the sync mess. It's much easier to use my ipod and itunes. I'd take a palm itunes clone. But there isn't one. Plus there is no simple dock interface. I tend to end up just using my ipod cause it's still more convenient. (That said Ampache mobile is dope when i had a working server). But music aspect in the phone is huge for me and Pre fails in that regard for my needs.

    I don't hate apple, palm, or any company. I think Palm phanbois are as annoying as Apple phanbois, Playstation 3 phanbois , or whomever. I have three PCs and no Macs. I got two ipods and no zune.

    I like WebOS, I like the notifications and multitasking, i like the UI. But i'm tired of waiting for them to come through with good apps. Especially things that i think are no brainers and obvious like a full featured facebook app, fixing the music app, video recording, cnn, espn, etc, etc. I assumed they'd be ready at launch. I didn't want to be a beta tester. Games, i knew they wouldn't focus on games. I didn't think they'd have only simple games and no 3D. I'm a consumer. i don't care about SDKs and developer stuff. I'm sick of the patching thing. I just want it to work so i don't have keep doing that. For those who like to hack and tinker with their tech that's fine but i want mine to do most things out of the box or soon after. But for this and a few others i'd switch if it came to sprint. And I continue to lean towards making my next purchase something other then a Palm device. And i tried a droid and liked it a lot so it's in the fold. I still believe apple will release a much improved new Iphone with the iphone os 4.0 and big hardware changes/upgrades by July of 2010 and my hunch is Palm will still have at best a slightly upgraded Pre. i'm hoping Palm surprises me and addresses my issues but i'm not holding my breath.
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    i love my Pre and my gf love his Pixi this is insane about the iphone if came to sprint would not be better than my pre.... remember the webos is the future.......
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    As so many have said before me:

    I will never again be without a physical/vertical keyboard; Homebrew, Tweaks, Patches, all embraced by Palm AND Sprint; no My-Way-Or-The-Highway BS; webOS and Pre are perfect for my needs (not for everyone's, I know); I, too, played with an iPhone back when I had the Instink, and actually preferred the Instink(!) believe it or not; I hope never to have to be without webOS for the rest of my smartphone life. 'Nuff said?
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    I dont think any of you will have anything to worry about. The iPhone will never come to Sprint nor Verizon unless Verizon built LTE on top of their whole CDMA infrastructure and utilized it for voice as well as data.
    at&t iPhone3G
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