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    daily dose!
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    Contest entry for SPE Round Robin smartphone giveaway.
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    for da phone!
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    still going!
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    another week, another entry
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    contest entry is all I can contribute to this discussion
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    entry post
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    never give up!
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    I'm back!
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    another day, another entry
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    How long 'til contest ends?
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    I think next week is the last week. I remember a line saying that we were in the penultimate week of the contest. Be strong, dont give up now, keep the faith!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hs2716 View Post
    First time palm user. I picked this phone up on a Friday by monday I had homebrew patches and apps running. it took minutes to setup emails/contacts...etc. very easy and simple to use.
    multitasking is awesome. I definitely was not aware of the potential before i bought this phone but now that I have multitasking, I can't live without it. being on SPRINT is a major problem for the multitasker, especially when you try to look up something while on a call.
    I have been using the nexus one for the past week and definitely like the large screen and fast processor. I also realized that I am attached to my pre and the N1 is going on ebay in a month or so....its just beautiful.
    The homebrew community is why I like Palm's offerings the best. They're the only one that officially says, "If you're not happy with the functionality on the phone YOU bought, feel free to try and improve it!"
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    contest entry
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    contest entry
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    Let's not forget the weekend.
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    Is this contest over?
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    I have had several Palm devices before and this one still amazes me every day.
    My son has a Sam-sung moment and I have not seen one thing about it that I like better than the Pre. In fact he has been eyeballing my Pre lately.
    I would like to see the app catalog expanded to some of the more mainstream apps (dropbox..etc.) but I think this will happen with webos expanding into other carriers.
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    the Pre rocks but a 4g Pre is the next level IMHO
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