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    I just switched over to a Hero, but the Pre was alright. The two biggest reasons I switched were hardware and the Android market being MUCH bigger than the Pre's. The one thing I miss is the keyboard.
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    Last week for me
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    I have been a huge palm fan. I had one of the first palm handhelds, it didn't even have a color screen. My T-3 is still sitting on my desk in front of me as I am typing this. Can't bring myself to part with it. I loved my Treo 650, too.

    Almost bought a Pre when they first came out but there were so many articles and forum posts pointing out the drawbacks; battery drain, lag, lack of software, I ended up with an Instinct because I got a great deal at the time. (Love the big screen, virtual keyboard and the finger scrolling, and not much else.)

    Now an updated Pre is out on Verizon and I'm wishing Sprint had the updated version. My contacts are really growing and my calendar is getting busy and the Instict just doesn't have the chops.

    I'm hearing much less complaining and much more love for the Pre these days and I'm really wishing I had grabbed a Pre and rode out the bumps...synergy man, I want the synergy...
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    Nearing the end
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    we're on the home stretch...
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    Quote Originally Posted by c4sizzle View Post
    Hey all!

    It's Casey Chan from Android Central and let me tell you, I love the Pixi! Okay, I love the Pre more but the Pixi really surprised me and that form factor is simply great. Okay, on to some initial questions I have for you guys. Will definitely be back with some more.

    1. How many of you are old Palm users? Or is the Pre/Pixi your first experience with Palm devices?
    2. Are you on the Pre/Pixi/webOS only because of the magnificent multi-tasking? Or are there just as important reasons I'm not aware of?
    3. Any jealousy over other platforms app stores/markets? Is the App Catalog and Homebrew options showing enough potential?
    4. From what I understand, some apps are built on html guidelines but some apps aren't? Or am I completely wrong, if anyone can explain it as easy-to-understand as possible, it'd be much appreciated!
    5. Does anyone else think it's as beautiful OS as I do? Geez, I can't stop staring at the lovely fonts

    thanks in advance guys!
    1. Old time palm user for over 10 yrs!
    2. Multitasking, Palm loyalty and the ability to add apps. Though they are coming on too slow
    3. Iphone jealousy only due to SKYPE. Andriod may get me in the future
    4.Web based I believe
    5. Love the WebOS!!! Hoping we can attract enough users and developers to the phone/platform.

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    palm pre would be awesome
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    a couple more days
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    our very last chance!
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