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    Ok..I had a discussion w/ an iPhone friend the other day and was trying to discuss the differences between the 2 phones. So my question is this; what can my Pre do that his iPhone can't? What is the advantage of a Pre? Help..I need to defend myself
    Easy multitasking. Flipping between apps as you look up information (say, between contacts, web pages, and email), listen to music, whatever. I've found this really nice in WebOS.

    Unobtrusive message notification. Really Elegant on WebOS.

    Synergy baked in. You are literally able to connect with your email and contacts with this phone 2 minutes after activating the thing. No separate apps needed.

    Linked contacts. Very nice for bringing together your main address book entries with what synergy brings in for IM, and such.

    Effective use of gestures. Swiping vs. tons of button taps. Settings are also always quickly available to you.

    ... and that's just what's built in. If you don't like the phone as it comes, then

    Direct access to linux! No jailbreaking. Just using the phone as intended. For example, I've already tweaked my audio system to sound a little better, installed an ad-blocking hosts file, and a few other things. And I don't even have optware installed yet, which will give me all kinds of fun like an http server, ssh server, etc.

    Patching! related to above, but preware is a wonderful thing. You can make your phone your own with patches to address things that you do not like about it. Figuring out what makes the phone tick is incredibly straightforward, as it's mostly configured via CSS and javascript.

    And if RAD (Yay, early 90's terminology :-) ) makes you excited, check out the Ares project for developing apps using your browser.

    Overall, it's just a really fun phone to use and customize. The first tech I've been actually excited about in quite some time.
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    For me:

    I can run my old paid for PalmOS apps on my Pre

    Several of my relatives live in GSM dead zones so the iPhone would be useless as a phone in those areas, but the Pre works fine.

    I can replace/swap the battery if I need to

    Sprint's plans are cheaper than AT&T's
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    The Pre (and previous Treos w/ email apps) had no problems connecting to our company's mail servers with an SSL connection. However, once the iPhones started to creep into our users hands we realized that they would not connect to our servers.

    Turns out the iPhones (and all Apple products (Safari)) couldn't handle the length of the SSL cert key we used (8192). We actually had to reissue all of our SSL certs with shorter keys (4096) so the iPhones (and Safari users) would be able to securely connect to our mail servers.
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