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    Hey guys,

    I don't really post here much but I do browse the forums on a daily basis. A little over a week ago I decided that I might want a little change and decided I wanted to check out Htc Hero. I went down to the Sprint store to go take a peek at one, after playing around with it for a half hour, overall I liked it, the android operating system was much different and very useful in its own way. I looked on ebay and found one and had it in my hands within three days.

    The build quality on the Hero is amazing. Its very sturdy and fits nicely in the hand. The glass screen was a definite plus and added to the feel of the phone. Not to mention the coating they use on the screen to keep grease from sticking is awesome. So the looks of the phone IMO beat out the Pre any day.

    Ok, so the Android operating system is really cool. The sense UI that Htc adds is really functional. With the widgets right on my homepage I have my next calender event for the day, latest facebook feeds, sms, mail ect, just from when I turned the phone on. With a flick of a finger i have access to the current weather, my music, favorite contacts and other widgets. So it is layed out really well with everything only a few swipes away. The android market does have a lot of games and apps on it that are pretty cool. I honestly only found myself playing cool games and no other "awesome" apps that made my life easier that i couldn't do on my Pre.

    One gripe that I had with the Hero was a slight lag that I would get. Say if I was playing music and then tried playing a game, the phone would lag and make the game unplayable. Also if I were to turn the screen on to look at a text, it would lag to. The Keyboard on the Hero is really great if nothing else is running and you recently turned on the phone. I was getting quite a bit of lag while typing. The predictive text in the messaging app was really great and fixed just about all the errors that I typed on the virtual keyboard. The Pre by far handle multi tasking much much better.

    So after about four days with the phone I think that I might be changing my mind and head back to my Pre. I feel like I could do things faster on my Pre, as far and finding apps on my phone and finding contacts. The Pre universal search makes the phone for me. Also I think the Pre is much more user friendly and easier to get the hang of. I think Im back Palm.

    So if you know anybody dying to get there hands on a hero, I have a brand new one with a 8gig micro card.
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    Me !!!
    I PMed you.
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    i really like android and hero a lot. the only think i don't like is the opaque app life cycle and how apps stay alive when you don't want it to, causing lagginess. get task killer as a work around, and all is right and good.
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    honestly, i went through the same thing you did. i had a Pre when 1.1was released and was dissapointed with the lack of.... everything (from copy paste, web downloading, music scrolling etc.) and got the Hero, i LOVED it in almost every way except the keyboard lag, crappy camera, and unbearably slow browser made me want to try out the Pre once more since i missed WebOS as a whole and they fixed copy paste, web downloading, music scrolling plus some other add-ons it needed. The browser was like a breath of fresh air till the crappy memory management make it slow dows to complate irresponsiveness thus not making much of an improvement over the Hero (why? it wasnt like that with my last Pre in 1.1) And some random reboots really making me mad at 1.3.1. I want to go back to the Hero but its like im trading one set of problems with another so im stuck ATM. Although i do miss the wide variety of free apps for android as opposed of the 90% of apps for WebOS are paid apps and utter garbage..... ill wait till further updates till i decide what im gonna do

    good luck to ya
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    damn, wish I saw this 2 weeks ago. my son wanted a Hero, moving from an Instinct and I was able to wangle a deal with sprint, to lock in another 2 years, but I woud have liked for him to buy a Hero outright, and then just change to it.

    He did get it, and likes it, but is already complaining about teh battery.. hehe I said welcome my MY world.. smart phones have dumb batteries..

    I also played with it, and yeah, some cool features, but most are just fluff and fun. I really still feel that the whole WebOS platform is much smoother , intuitive and just really cooler.. Yes, I wish Palm woud work on some of the issues and missing stuff,. but Im staying with the Pre.

    Lets see how long my son LOVES Hero..
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    Ya the Hero has crashed and restarted about 4 times on me, and that has Never happened to me while using WebOs. I just feel like the Pre is a little more stable. I did try using a taskiller (the paid version) , followed the instructions on how to set up the ignore list properly, and still i would get lag in a have to go back to the home screen tap taskiller (which would almost always have a X rather than a number in the icon), reopen the program i was in to get back where I started. There was always stuff just randomly opening and running behind the scenes, it was frustrating ha. The Pre handles stuff better, there is no need to download a taskiller, it runs fine with plenty of cards open. And once again the physical keyboard is a must if the Hero's keyboard lags, I text a lot.

    ha I guess alot of this is personal preference and I just feel like Im missing my Pre already.
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    There are absolutely some distinct lag points with the Hero (e.g. using the keyboard with a lot of other background processes), but because they're so distinct, I've lbeen able to eliminate a lot of them with TasKiller Free. Otherwise, I just wait 2-3 seconds, and the device returns to normal.

    The great learning predictive text software HTC uses makes this mostly a nonissue too. It should be on every phone regardless of whether you use a hardware or software QWERTY.

    But the Hero isn't for everybody nor is the Pre. They each have unique features that would make the other even better. But the Hero's stability, app selection, and FAR, FAR, FAR superior cell and data radios are pretty insurmountable pluses in my opinion. No amount of enabling the GPU or thousands of apps added to WebOS can overcome the fact that it's an objectively inferior phone (in terms of Sprint reception to data and voice signals).
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    Quote Originally Posted by j.howe3887 View Post
    Hey guys

    So if you know anybody dying to get there hands on a hero, I have a brand new one with a 8gig micro card.
    ME!! I'm looking to trade my Palm Pre for the Hero!!! I even placed an ad on craigslist so if you are interested!! I just purchased my Paln Pre in August and it is great condition no sratches, all accesories included so if you are interested respond back soon!
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    Haha just to let you guys know I still have my Pre, and held onto it for now for this exact reason.

    Sorry guys!
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    I guess we all have been thinking the same the thing. I was sitting in my office on Thursday wondering if I should try Android and came to the conclusion it wouldn't be that significant of a change. After reading some of these post I guess I was correct. Thanks for sharing this information, definitely some good comments here.
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    your welcome ....I'm actually posting this using my unactivated pre rather than my hero....I was curious about android but I think I'm gonna wait until one comes to sprint with a faster processor and such
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    I am in the middle of the same change. I have had my Pre for around three months or so but I am growing weary. The lag is really getting frustrating, really should it take 20 seconds to load an email? The to many cards pop-up, no wifi tethering(a biggy for me), among others. So I bought a Hero on ebay Friday and hope to have it tomorrow. I am not getting rid of my Pre though, I will be keeping it around.
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    The lag people experienced with the hero is due to using TASK KILLERS. There is no need because linux manages memory very well and task killers do more damage then good. I have been running the hero for two months and don't have any such lag because I don't use task killers. When I did use one at the beginning I would have to hard reset just do fix the damage that they cause. The hero is a very good phone and comparing it to the lag I experienced with the pre after I put patches on it showed me that lag is just part of the whole smartphone experience. Till we all have 1ghz processors there will be lag and even then there will be another issue that arises.

    The pre is good at what it does and the hero is good at what it does. I personally didn't like the constant patching and the constant want to easy access to my most used apps. I know palm doesn't want to do widgets, but I personally couldn't live without them. We can't all win but we can get close to it. Go with whatever doesn't hurt the wallet and what does it for you currently. My opinion the hero does it for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by THETRUTH View Post
    The lag people experienced with the hero is due to using TASK KILLERS.
    Funny, I don't have any task killers and I have a lag on my Hero, go figure. I'm also switching between the Pre and the Hero every couple of weeks. Waiting for 2.1 on the Hero.
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    IMO all of the HTC sense bogs the phone down. It is in my store and I think it is cool but the processor can't handle everything very well. I would get the moment and then just hack it and put htc sense on that phone if I wanted an android phone.
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    I had the Pre from July to December, and it is just too unfinished, too new. I thought the build quality was terrible, and the phone was laggy and much too simple. I went through 4 replacement phones before I finally gave up. For a new smartphone and platform, it just didn't do enough. I have only used the Hero in the store, but I decided not to get it because of the lag and lack of physical keyboard. I'm not sure if the lag is due to htc sense, the outdated processor in the hero (I don't think it uses the new Arm processor like the pre/iphone/Droid), Android 1.5 or a combimation.

    That being said, I dropped Sprint and got the Droid on Verizon. I was thinking about the iPhone, but after the killer multitasking on the Pre (its strongest point) the iPhone OS felt stale. All I can say is if you like the Hero and the Pre, but don't like the shortfalls of either of them, get the Droid. I am not looking back. There is no lag, it does substantiially more than the Pre, and it has a better physical keyboard. There is literally nog lag switching between apps, which makes card view easy to live without. And Verizons network is faster and more reliable (especially where I live, by the beach) The only things I miss having come from the Pre are

    Smaller size, easier to fit in pocket
    Automatic backups
    Unified SMS and instant messenging box

    Verizon is more expensive, but honestly the network and signal quality is way above Sprint. Id had sprint for 8 years (and Tmobile before that), and I didn't know what I was missing.

    Plus, the "Pre Plus" is coming to Verizon. We were guinea pigs for Palms first Pre, I have a feeling the next one will be much better.
    Gestures, the really are easy.
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    Don't forget the Samsung Moment on Sprint. 800mhz processor, AMOLED screen and like the Hero will be getting an update to Android 2.1 in the coming months.

    I've had my Pre since June, then got a Hero a couple months ago, thinking I would love it. But, I became frustrated by the Hero's virtual keyboards and the way the button arrangement often caused me to go to the home screen inadvertently. I liked the visual voice mail, home screen widgets, trackball(surprisingly) and the apps- oooh, the apps. I eventually went back to the Pre however because I felt I could be more productive with it. Nothing multitasks like WebOs. However, this weekend, out of sheer frustration with my Pre's SLOWNESS and its inability to render a complete email in less than 30secs (if at all) I swapped back to my Hero. Palm THE PRE NEEDS MORE SPEED.
    It's so aggravating waiting for it in so many places. And as far as email goes, my wife has given up using it to even read her emails. She just looks at the header/subject lines and then goes to her computer if there's something she needs to see.
    I still prefer the WebOs way of multi-tasking, navigating, etc. But Palm needs to give it a serious speed boost, gpu integration and bettery memory management. Do that and the Pre will be back on my hip and I'll get an Archos 5 Android 2.x tablet for my app & game fix.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gottria View Post
    I'm also switching between the Pre and the Hero every couple of weeks. Waiting for 2.1 on the Hero.
    Ditto. But, If someone hacks a WebOs style task switcher/handler for Android like they just did for the Iphone, things could get very interesting.
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    Very good idea actually. The Samsung Moment is a pretty good phone with faster clocking speed, nice physical keyboard. Didn't think of hacking it. Anyway, bought a Pre on sale and I'm enjoying webOS very much and the phone itself very much. it is so easy and fun to use. The build quality could use some improvement, but is tolerable really. So just going to enjoy my Pre for a year before upgrade next year.
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    I agree with all the points posted here. I went from Pre to Hero to Pre. I have an upgrade on my account now and I started researching the hero again. Reading about the lag on the hero makes me hold off until 2.1 settles. The Pre is a great device, the hardware issues are there but they certainly do not hinder usage. The biggest issue with the Pre is speed, but it seems that the hero also suffers in that regard.

    The Samsung Moment is great because the fast processor, but the reviews make it sound like its a cheap, unpolished device.

    I think we are all yearning for a more polished and refined device, but Sprint simply doesn't have it released yet.

    All I can do now is wait...
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