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    Or should I just wait till early next year till something new comes out? I like Web OS had the pre but hated the hardware is the palm pixi a better choice? Should I join in on what seems to be an Android craze and get the Hero? Or should I wait with my Blackberry till something better comes out on Sprint early next year...or just keep it? Help please and Thanks I want to make a smart decision
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    This is a forum dedicated to the Pre and WebOS. Of course you gotta pick the Pre's lil' brother(sister?)!
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    If you didn't like the Pre, the Pixi is not likely to convert you. It has a smaller, less vibrant screen, and no Wi-Fi. It is, however, quite light and feels really nice in the hand, much more solid than the Pre. If you've gotta have webOS (and let's face it, if you've played with webOS, you've gotta have it) then I'd stomach the hardware issues and go Pre. The Hero is nice, but Android is really dry and lacking for features compared to webOS, even at its current stage. Sprint are rolling out a 4G network, and 3G/4G phones will be trickling out soon, so that's another option to consider. And there is the possibility that Palm may refresh the Pre with a more solid design, 4G and more storage, so that may also be something to wait for.

    Your very last option should be to keep the Blackberry. Those things are horribly outdated compared to what's coming, and what's already available. Speak with the manager of the Sprint store in your area (or even a mall kiosk manager). They go to official meetings and whatnot and know better than I what the CEO is planning.
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    Hero! run, run as far as you can!
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    Hero is built to last! Pre has a great OS but I didn't like the feeling of having a cheap phone in my pocket (this is me after having 6 Pre's). I will be back to Palm on the next device comes out.
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    wait or go hero, I have a pre & my gf has a hero. Her hero is awesome but webos ui is better, although pixi hardware won't do it for me
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    Wait at least to CES.
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    the moment imo, I'm waiting, but wanting to jump..
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    I would not get a Hero. I had one for 30 days, and it was laggy (and don't get me started on the virtual keyboard in landscape mode). I did everything I was told...downloaded a taskkiller to kill unnecessary apps...then was told to stop doing that because Android manages memory well, so I removed it with no difference. I made different Themes to see if it was the widgets I was running. I searched the forums and religiously took out my battery and put it back in every couple of days to reset it.

    In the end, I realized I didn't want seven screens of clutter (no matter how hard I tried...there is no easy way to access stuff without cluttering up your screens! GPS widgets here, WIFI widgets there, settings, Calendar, all ended up all over the place), nor did I want to have to wait for my keyboard to catch up with me, nor did I want to have to be retyping stuff all the time because I realized I was smacking something other than the spacebar, thus running 8 words together (there's no autocorrect for that! :-).

    I swapped out for a Pixi. Smooth, clean, love the WebOS - even with 19,000 less apps (I've hardly noticed)...yes, the hardware causes stuttering now and then, but it is NOTHING like my Hero was, and the keyboard is freaking incredible. I would have gone Pre for the bigger screen and better hardware, but the keyboard is less user-friendly (imho) and the slideout thing is not for me. The calendar and task apps dominate Android. I patched it to just how I like it. Other than that I have to squint when reading my blogs - which does indeed bother me - I love my phone!

    Someone once said that buying a Smartphone is a practice in compromise. Decide what is important to you and find whatever is closest! For me, that was WebOS for its beautiful simplicity, and the Pixi for its form factor.

    Just one woman's opinion.

    I heart my Pixi

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