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    Most would agree that the success of the iPhone has been stellar. Having recently gotten out of my contract with At&t and moved to Sprint for the Pre, I am surprised at how well the iPhone has done, given its carrier exclusivity (I had an absolutely terrible time with At&t). It seems to me that if the iPhone were released with other carriers, it would virtually monopolize the smartphone market. Personally, I think RIM would be the only company to stay anywhere near as competitive in the market as they are now. I'm afraid our Pre would be in trouble. What do you think?

    Will the At&t/iPhone exclusivity ever end? And what would it spell for our Pre, and for all the other smartphones?

    Oh, and by the way: I myself am very attracted to the iPhone. Were it to come out for Sprint, I would certainly have a decision to make. All current circumstances considered, I would probably keep my Pre. But after future iPhone updates, who knows?

    At present, I have an iPod touch, so I can enjoy the App Store.
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    isn't there a version coming to vz in late 2010?
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    Quote Originally Posted by flyboy1100 View Post
    isn't there a version coming to vz in late 2010?
    I heard AT&T's exclusive contract ends with Apple in June 2010, so this would make sense.
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    there was also a rumor going around that the exclusivity ended in april 2009...which it didn't... We really won't know until an official statement is released...until then everything else is speculation... I too am attracted to the iphone but I would keep the pre its a great phone, they both are.
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    exclusivity will end at some point, but could always be reissued. However lets look at facts. Verizon has a large subscriber base. Apple would love to get into this market. The only thing stopping them is the cellular technology of CDMA. they are not going to produce two different phone types and result in higher production costs. So i say when LTE is considered the new standard in the cellular environment after 3g (although i hope Sprint and Clearwires Wimax somehow wins) then Apple will hit Verizon since the Big V has comitted to LTE. So if i had to predict, late 2011 early 2012 will be the year the iphone come to verizon as that is the scheduled date that LTE should hit this country.
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    I don't see why it would. Where would they go? Why would they put money in to the CDMA side......... I can't image Apple making a Tmobile, Sprint, VZW and a Att iPhone.... If that happened... {Palm is DONE!!)
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    I gotta respond to smiley boy. If apple came out with the current iphone on all carriers how does that make palm done. People do value multitasking. Palm is selling alot of their phones all things considered. Sprint is not the largest carrier so they have less people able to purchase the pre.
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    Palm is still in the woods. They need to move... like yesterday. Thats all I'm saying. A iPhone on all carriers even in its current form would be interesting to say the least.
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    I just dont find the Iphone appealing. And really, I think it's been out long enough, that peoples contracts have ended, and everyone that wanted an Iphone could of had one by now. So, I dont know if expanding would be as devastating for the other phone makers as everyone thinks it would.
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    If iPhone was on mote carriers, it would sell better just like a Pre on more carriers would sell better....
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    I would still keep the my Pre, not really into apps that much. The iphone is just too, big and I gotta have a real keyboard, VKeyboards suck. It's a great phone, just not for me.
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    Apple won't make a cdma version with LTE and Wimax around the corner. They may sell the tablet on Verizon though.
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    the short answer is yes and soon.
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    I think it renews every time apple releases a new one.
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    What does this have to do with the Pre?
    Not to be rude, but I am tired of hearing about "I" products.

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