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    I've looked through some (not all) threads on this, but none from a knowledgeable, unbiased owner of both. The threads all tend to show favoritism ( of course) but with that comes a somewhat skewed review/comparison. I've played with the Hero and I own the Pre. I'm not looking to switch, but my Wife loves the Pre, wanted the Pixi ( not anymore w/o wifi), but is interested in the Hero. During my play with the Hero, I could not figure out how to do everything with the phone. How is moving around between apps/programs? Is it true you cannot sync more than one google account on the Hero? If anyone has a detailed comparison between the phones it would be appreciated.
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    I have a Pre, my daughter has a Hero. I spent a weekend with my daughter's Hero, so I can make some comparisons.


    About the same. The Hero seems to be every bit the battery hog the Pre is. This may be mitigated by turning off applications and services on the Hero, I'm not familiar enough to say.


    I lean toward the Pre as the better interface, but I'm obviously biased. The Hero's interface is not bad, just not as intuitive. Also, I like not having the desktop cluttered with icons.


    I like a physical keyboard over the on-screen keyboard if the Hero, even one as small as the Pre has, but that's personal choice. If the Hero had a full keyboard like the Droid does it would be a killer device. Having said that, my daughter has mastered the virtual keyboard of the Hero, having learned how hard, how long and how accurate you have to be to properly register keypresses.

    Definite Hero advantages:

    Build quality - I've never owned an HTC device that didn't feel solid and substantial in my hand.

    Micro-SD slot - I haven't run out of memory on the Pre yet. Still, I wish I had a memory slot.

    App Store - The Android OS on T-Mobile practically created the idea of HomeBrew apps, and has a head start of a couple of years on the Pre. There are some truly amazing free or cheap apps available for the Android.

    Definite Pre advantages:

    OS Upgrades - The Pre only has two devices, and they're striving for Parity between them. Android users have no idea if an OS upgrade will be offered or will work on their phone until after the new OS is released.

    Physical keyboard - It's a matter of preference. When the Hero came out many people cried about the lack of a physical keyboard, and when the Pre came out many people cried about the lack of a virtual keyboard.

    I have a Pre, and will have until June of next year. I like it, love the interface, hate the oreo effect, wish more useful apps were available for it. No regrets, but Palm shouldn't take it for granted that I will stick with the Pre when my chance to switch comes up. Certainly if I do decide to switch it will likely be to an Android handset, and just as certainly still with Sprint.

    Hope that helps.
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    There are a couple threads running around that have some good information.

    Here is one that seems fairly unbiased.

    Thread #1
    My personal, in-depth experience with HTC Hero and Palm Pre

    Thread #2
    I've moved onto to a Hero

    I provided feedback in a couple of the. I think I am pretty unbiased. I am however currently down on the Pre. If you are a previous smartphone user that relies on or expects certain things from the phone, you may be very disappointed from the Pre.

    Two of the largest factors I see in deciding between the two are

    What do you really "need" from the phone?
    How far are you willing to go to enhance your phone (root, modifications, hacks, etc)?

    If there are absolute must haves (for work, etc.) this may make things easy.
    If you will only be web browsing and using social networking apps (sms, facebook, google, etc.) then the Pre may be absolutely perfect for you.

    After using the Pre for six months and the Hero for 3 weeks, there is a significant (but not huge) difference in battery life. The hero typically lasts 2-6 hours longer depending on it's use each day. I think some are exaggerating a bit when they say 2x. But that 2-6 hours is a big difference imo because it is often the difference between making it through the day without a charge or needing to charge your phone by 6-7pm.

    BTW, everything is going to be biased in some form because you are asking for other peoples opinion. Their opinion is going to vary depending on what they value as important.

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