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    Quote Originally Posted by mxu030 View Post
    I try not to hold the phone right up to my ear anyway cause it can sometimes get a bit greasy afterward, if you know what I mean
    I just slip it into that little orange and black sleeping bag it came with whenever I won't be picking it back up right away and that's doing a great jog of keeping the greasies at bay.

    At times I actually miss the resistive touch screen of the Treo that you had to physically press on; way fewer inadvertant touches with that versus the Pre. Of course that would never work with all the elegant gestures I enjoy using daily so the Pre's capacitive screen wins hands down. It's just annoying every now and then when you set the Pre down without turning it off only to discover that you've 'done something'...
    Yeah, uhh... it's Kevin. (KevinT was already taken.)

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    Just adding my feedback (from another thread), since this seems like an appropriate place.

    After having both for 3 weeks now (Pre 6 months / Hero for 3 weeks now). I will likely be switching to the Hero in January.

    I will list some primary items I feel are important.
    I am adding stars to each phone to more accurately rate each category. 1-5 rating

    Build Quality - Pre (2) / Hero (4)
    The Hero wins this easily. The Pre is poorly made and the Hero feels much more solid in your hand and is more durable. You do not see people going through 3-4 Hero's from just normal wear and tear. Even if you have not had much issue with your Pre, you can easily see that Hero is just made to a higher quality.

    Battery - Pre (1.5) / Hero (3)
    With a stock battery, the hero wins this easily. Neither is great on battery life but the Pre is noticeably less (2-4 hours easy, usually 4-6 hours). This may not sound like allot but it makes a world of difference and the Hero can usually make it through the day on a full charge (unless I use it heavily). With the Pre it is almost always dead (with stock battery and no daytime charging) by 7-8pm. So I have to ensure that it is charged at some point during the day or ensure I always have a means to charge it. My solution is to turn my Pre into a hockey puck and use the Seidio extended battery. My wife still uses the stock battery (3 of them). It's not that the Hero has great battery life, it is that the Pre's is that bad. The Pre is the worse battery life I have ever experienced in a smartphone.

    Screen - Pre (3) / Hero (3.5)
    The Hero is slightly larger and it is glass. Advantage Hero but both work well. I do not care that the Pre supports more color depth. You will rarely (if ever) realize this.

    EDVO - Pre (2) / Hero (4)
    Hero wins this easily and this may be my most eye-opening discovery (for me). After using both in multiple locations (different states/cities) side-by-side, the Hero connects to data services much better and most importantly holds the connection. The Pre cycles in/out of EDVO constantly at times and will timeout applications regularly. Three times in the past week I was attempting to use Sprint Nav on the Pre and it was continuously unable to retrieve the route. I then grabbed the Hero and it connected immediately and the Sprint Nav worked flawlessly. I continued to test this and it was not isolated to Sprint Nav. It behaved in the same manner for the NFL app, SprintTV, Superfan, Youtube, etc... Hero worked flawlessly while the Pre constantly cycled in/out of EDVO and made apps useless. Again, this was in multiple locations (including different cities/states). So it had nothing to do with the location. I also tested this with my wife's Pre (in addition to mine) and experienced the same thing. So it is not isolated to my specific Pre.
    Edit to add some locations: Syracuse NY, Boston MA, Minneapolis MN, Richmond VA, Charlottesville VA, Virginia Beach VA, Washington DC, Baltimore MD. All experienced similar results at times.

    Applications - Pre (1.5) / Hero (4)
    Everyone is aware that this is not even close. Android is much more mature. To make matters worse, many apps that cost $1-$20 on webOS are free on Android and with a much wider selection/variety. Yes allot of them are useless but there are far more useful apps on the android marketplace as well. Right now the app markets would rate as iPhone > Android > Blackberry > Palm. It is the youngest OS however so perhaps Palm can close the gap. I'm just not sure how long this will take at their current pace. If their current pace holds, it will likely be 8-16 months. That is a whole generation of smartphones. Considering Homebrew would bring the rating up to a 2.5.

    Flash - Pre (0) / Hero (3)
    Hero already supports flash lite and the Pre does not. I did not realize how much I miss this until I was able to browse regularly with it available.

    UI - Pre (4) / Hero (4)
    I am going to call this a draw. Both are very unique and have strengths and weaknesses. I really like the Hero's 7 homescreens/widgets. This can place 90% of what I need/use regularly readily available. webOS is very nice in it's navigation and gestures. I am tempted to lean towards the Hero/Android since the UI is much more responsive on the Android in general. Others have stated that Android begins to lag after a few days use. I have not experienced this after almost 3 weeks. On occasion it lags a second but my Pre lags consistently. I have far more double touch/delay issues on my Pre than I have on the Hero. Far more...

    Call Quality - Pre (4) / Hero (4)
    Both are comparable. I did not notice any huge difference in call quality between the two. This was for phone, Bluetooth and headphone use. I have had no issues with compatibility of BT devices (Plantronics, Motorola and Jabra) with either phone.

    Tethering - Pre (2) / Hero (2)
    Neither is formally supported. The Hero has tethering out of the box. You have to follow a certain sequence for the driver setup and initialization but it is easy and worked flawlessly for me. Some think this may depend on your plan. I have a family shared everything data/messaging. The Pre has tether with a homebrew app. This worked flawlessly up until 1.3.1 and is now somewhat of a mess. The developer has it working again (sort of). But you must patch your Pre each time you want to use it and it disables numerous features on the Pre while patched (Camera, Sprint Nav, etc.). I will give a slight advantage to the Hero, since it's solution is free and pretty straight forward, while the Pre's is currently in limited. Android also has pdanet which is a 3rd party app for tethering.

    Storage - Pre (2) / Hero (4)
    The Hero has a media card expansion slot. The Pre has only built in storage. Advantage Hero.

    Browsing - Pre (4.5) / Hero (3.5)
    The Pre has the clear advantage. The Pre is just better at browsing and does load pages slightly faster. Navigating them on the Pre is more fluid. The Pre is the only phone that comes close to the iPhone (that I have tried). The Hero is certainly acceptable and is probably right behind the Pre. The Hero is better than nearly every other mobile phone I have used. A couple of the other browsers do seem to slightly improve the Hero but it is still not as elegant as the Pre (or iPhone). However, please understand that this advantage is somewhat mitigated by the lack of flash (which is supposed to be coming to webOS).

    Keyboard - Pre (4) / Hero (3.5)
    I give the slight advantage to the Pre with it's physical keyboard. I prefer physical keyboards. However, the landscape virtual keyboard on the Hero is well done and much more responsive than I thought. Also, the predictive text / auto correct works pretty well. I was really expecting this to be a landslide for the Pre but the Hero's virtual keyboard is well done.

    Notifications - Pre (4) / Hero (3.5)
    The Pre has the slight advantage here. I like the way the Pre implements notifications and you can simply swipe them away. The Hero has notifications and it appears to be more robust but the Pre is definitely more elegant.

    Camera - Pre (3) / Hero (3.5)
    The Hero has the slight advantage here. It takes better pictures (overall) and the autofocus is extremely useful. The Pre does have a LED flash but it is of limited use (only really useful at 2-4 feet and can have varying results).
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    May as well wait til April and get a new HTC phone like Passion or Bravo whichever it is. Hero is old news running on an even older processor. Personally, at this point, i'd wait past CES. Might even know what Palm has cooking by then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    May as well wait til April and get a new HTC phone like Passion or Bravo whichever it is. Hero is old news running on an even older processor. Personally, at this point, i'd wait past CES. Might even know what Palm has cooking by then.
    I waited 6 months for the Pre and I am still waiting on the Pre...
    I'm pretty much done waiting.

    Edit: Just purchased a off-contract Hero. Will be replacing the Pre with it for the time being.
    I will probably keep the Pre for a month or two and if nothing changes with Palm just ebay it.
    Original Hero was for my son and he now has it.

    I will have a line out of contract for a new phone, if something on the market becomes available in the next few months.
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