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    I would first like to say that I AM a power user.

    anyways. I have the palm Pre and using webos has change the way how I use a smartphone. It makes me feel more advice when I AM doing multiple things in front of people. When people see me with my phone it feels good knowing that I have a remarkable different smartphone.

    I love having the cards open in multiple apps open like email, task, text messaging, music, web broswer, and many more apps open at the same time.

    now the problem is I prefer to use my parents iphone over my Pre. I'm on a car trip and looking at my poor excuse of a battery and shut it off to use my parents iphone. My battery is a joke. I just powered it up and I lost about 10percent just typing this post.

    I am on my parents phone now. I don't know what is wrong with my phone. I have 3 batteries none of them makes be day if I am doing multiple task on my phone. Even the browser when I type and the web browser follows the phone is a something that I don't see my pee with which is very helpful for me since I am always on different forums most of the time.

    I have so many complaints with my phone
    I don't want to compare the iPhone to the pre because the phone has 3 years an way many more people behind but the performance of the phones is to low. There is a lot of bugs and stuff I know that happens from patching but I feel like my phone is handicap without such as the wifi, gps, and many more in the top right corner. Going to the settings and waiting the phone to load is so annoyng.

    I also know the phone is faster because of the fact it can't multitasking because of the os and how it is built but even when I have very little apps open my phone go into slow mode.
    When updates comes out, I hope that there is a performance update but there isn't.

    there are a tin of suff missing in th Phone which i nderstand Again webos is still new but my trek 800w could more and it is the same company.

    I get consent freezes and to many cards open all the time. I webdoctor my phone so many times. And I have to root my Pre otherwise it feels like it isn't a funtional phone.

    I have to finish the rest of this on the iphone because my battery just sunk another 6 percent and I AM not a slow typer.
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    If you lost 10 percent of your battery life typing that post something is clearly wrong with your Pre (or you are a very slow typer). Have you tried replacing the battery? Maybe it's defective.
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    oh no. I AM not a slow typer. I should record a video of that.

    and yes there is something wrong with my Pre regarding battery life because my friend also has a Pre. We used the same battery from 5am to 5pm when we where working and he battery was 90 percent and my battery died at 11pm and had to rechage and then the battery was at 30 percent after it was fully charged again.

    but how do I go to sprint about that. I'm sure they aren't going to replace my phone because the battery life isn't where it is suppose to be. I also webdoctoered to see if that was the problem and it didn't change.
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    but you said you have 3 batteries and i guess you are saying they all drain the same right?
    use your friends battery and see if the same thing.
    gps on? bluetooth on? poor signal in the area?
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    we were in the same area less then 30 feet away from each other. And I did try all my different batteries. My friend even got a replacement phone and he gave me he old battery and nothing.

    I feel so bummed out...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dondadah88 View Post
    we were in the same area less then 30 feet away from each other. And I did try all my different batteries. My friend even got a replacement phone and he gave me he old battery and nothing.

    I feel so bummed out...
    Don't feel so bummed out.

    If you are into patches, you may want to check out one of the Smartreflex patches. They are suppose to monitor your battery life.

    With my phone, I get about 15 hours of use. I consider myself a moderate user. It really sounds like your phone may be the issue. I had a launch Pre and was getting about 8.5 hours of use when I went to work. I had to take it in cause the power button got stuck. Must have been the lotion I used.

    In any case, my phone's batter is a lot better. Not sure if it was the First CPU or my settings. The only change I have is that my yahoo account sync manually.

    My settings.
    Gmail - as it arrives.
    exchange - on demand
    yahoo- every 6 hours
    bluetooth - on
    data - on
    wifi - on and off depending on my surfing habit
    # apps open 4 on average.

    I normally read my email as it arrives, browse the internet, and listen to music over bluetooth. Get about 15 hours of use while going to work (where I have 0-2 bars and EVDO is spotty and I work 10 hours shifts)

    Heard some reports that the first batch of processors TI sold Palm had issues. Maybe you have one of them
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    well i just saw a dead pixel on my pre.

    i'll call sprint in the morning and see what can be done about this.

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