Hi All,

Friends, I know that we mother's are always worried for our kids. And every time the issue is different. So, today i would like to talk upon the use of internet by our kids.
One of my kids friend is 1 year big from him and he is too clever and always try to make same to my child this time he had told my child to use emails to exchange mails, chatting and all. And my child argued to me to grant permission to access internet, One day i left his account open. What i have seen is that there are some such mails in his account which are not good to watched by kids.
It was very shocking to me and i have talked this to my friend and then she suggested me to use Parental Control service and she told me that its very safe for kids, and parents can adjust the settings according to them, can filter their emails from spam etc. So i think that it was good and can make us satisfied. Its really very important to have safe access of internet by our kids up to a certain age..