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    I see constantly people posting about using their handheld in schools, just like I do. Lets start this thread up with all the students, and post the ways you use yours in school! I'd posted my stuff to a different thread a minute ago...I'd post it here too! If you don't want to share, atleast mark the poll!
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    OK - Here's how I use my Visor Deluxe (Blue)

    I'm a High School Senior with a two-month old Blue VDX / Stowaway / FREE Wordsmith user-

    I got a free Code for Wordsmith when I e-mailed them asking for a student rate-- they responded with a free code!!!

    To explain how I use it:

    First hour - Business - In a computer lab, so not much. I usually spend that hour looking at the VC Boards since they aren't on AvantGo.

    Second hour - JROTC - Usually most of the period, half AvantGo or playing games (try Bubblet for a game not requiring a lot of attention) and keyboard typing last minute notes for the other half

    Third Hour - English - When we were doing MacBeth, I read it off Wordsmith instead of carrying around the book like everyone else we are watching Hamlet, so I am reading the SparkNotes that I copied off the Internet while watching the movie... whenever we do notes, I use my stowaway, too, when taking notes

    Fourth Hour - Government - All the time, taking notes. My teacher lets us use notes on the test, and lets me use notes right off my visor it's great!

    Fifth Hour - History AP - All the time, taking notes. I have to print them out though...

    Sixth/Seventh Hour - Not Much, I actually do work in Statistics/Chemistry.

    I use either Rechargable NiMHs or the Energizer Ultra or whatever they are called - I get usually 4-5 days out of them. Outside of school, I am constantly using the visor, with the backlight on in various places about half an hour a day
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