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    The hero grew on me partially because of HTC's special sauce and the gaming graphics . It does multitask and I like having a real home screen with weather and message indicators and all that. Nevertheless, the Pre is still my daily device because of the "WebOS Way" of multitasking, the physical keyboard and a "something" that seems to be greater than the sum of its parts. I use a bunch of patches, homebrew, and now even Precorder for video recording. When my 600mhz patch doesn't lock it up my pre is almost perfect. What's it lacking? Most readers here know already: speed, better graphics, speed, better battery life, speed, native access via the sdk or WebGL or Flash or whatever it takes for more graphically rich apps that can actually include audio, and speed.
    Android handles notification well, multi-tasks (but you better install a 3rd party task killer), and has a lot more developer support and traction. I'm an admitted Palm fan; but must say Palm has to speed up it's efforts or deliver more significant advances than we've seen so far. The competition is ahead in market share, mind share, available resources, some areas of functionality. And guess what, they're not sitting still.
    But, I'm still rooting for the underdog. Go Palm!
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    I haven't had one problem using the Droid yet. I am a software developer, and in general, a huge tech geek.

    I don't get this "it isn't intuitive" argument. You could say the same exact thing about Linux. However, in Linux, it is soooooo much easier to write code, manage desktops, etc., once you learn how to do it. Once I got into college and learned Linux, I have done everything in my power to not write code in Windows anymore.

    Yeah, most people probably do think Linux is not "intuitive" but when you do learn how to use it, it can do SOOOO much more than windows. To me, it seems like most people mean "the Droid is too complex". I'll take a complex device that can do a ton after you learn how to use it, over a simple device. (note: I am not trying to imply the Pre is simple)

    And furthermore, I don't even find that the Droid is difficult to use. I didn't read the manual, and I know how to do everything I need to know how to do, just by using the phone.

    I would say the most complicated thing I had to deal with was learning that you need to hold shift to copy text in the browser. Reading tech blogs can help you figure out how to do stuff very quickly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Large, high rez screen.
    I would seriously consider one just for that screen. The higher the resolution the better in my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DSPKweb View Post
    3rd...their campaign is slick and makes you want to go out and grab one to see it, not just guess at what the hell this juggler in the park is doing...
    I'd agree. Palm could have taken the 1st droid commercial and replaced the 'droid' at the end with a picture of the Pre. It would have been perfect and probably wouldn't have cost as much as the 'artistic' ads that they did roll out.
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    Looks like the Droid campaign is paying off for Verizon. According to an RBC Capital Markets analyst, Verizon has sold 700,000-800,000 Motorola Droids since November 6th and is well on its way to break the 1,000,000 sold this quarter. Now THAT'S how you match up advertising and production to push a new product out the door like you mean it.
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    Android does take a little getting used to but like a manual transmission, once you get it, then the fun begins.

    But to answer the OP, unintuitive OS or not, the Droid is simply a kick *** phone, no way around it. It's quick, it's got probably one of the best GPS nav software on any smartphone to date. It's got an amazingly crisp / responsive screen and can do almost anything asked of it (with a little 3rd party help of course). And better yet, it gets the iPhone fan boys all riled up. Not it's not Steve Jobs 'cute' but I didn't get it for that. Function over form matters to many.

    Also being in the tech field, I've had to help tons of iPhone users with the simplest of things as well. So you can't always blame the device.
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