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    I had verizon for about a month, until i realized just how crippled and controlled their phone was. That was several years ago. I dont know if they are still like that, but if they are, I would never want a smart phone through them.
    Verizon is not like that anymore, at least with their newer phones.

    I am a Droid owner, and there is nothing Verizon on it. There was a Verizon "Visual Voicemail" app that came default, but you can get rid of it (which I did), and use Google Voice instead.

    People have already rooted the Droid.

    I used to hate how Verizon was so locked down as well. I think they realized this wouldn't work in the 21st century.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adjei View Post
    Yes Apple selling more and more computers each time they release their numbers means its declining.
    Adjei is correct; Apple continues to break quarterly records with their Mac sales.
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