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    **Warning** Another Rant About Sluggishness (Skip if you want)

    Just got back with an iPod Touch 3G today and man I have to say...I think I can finally understand all the hype about these devices. The speed is sick, I click an app and it launches. There's no "oh wait let me see if I can compute what the hell I'm supposed to do with that finger pressure...hmm...oh so let me get this straight... you, you want to use the phone...ahh... alright let me think, let me think... yeah...uh... ok here, here you go!" (Palm Pre internal thoughts, Chick walks away without giving me her number!).

    I mean I would never in a million years jump onto Verizon or AT&T with those outrageous prices but if Sprint ever got an iPhone 3GS I can definitely say I would drop my Pre like a bad habit and pay whatever Sprint asked for the phone.

    Its a shame though because the Pre has a similar chip to the iPod Touch 3G & iPhone 3GS but Palm just isn't using it right. I love the gestures and cards but speed is what I want and millions (actually maybe hundreds of thousands) of other users too. The average schmo doesn't want to rationalize why it takes 10 seconds to start the phone app and another 6-7 to open the contacts. Its embarrassing. When I'm in the club I can't even type the chicks name out I just say f it and wait till I get home.

    I'm cool with the Pre because I pay only $67 for similar plans that can cost double that but you sacrifice half the speed phones with pricier plans offer too.
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    IMHO dollar for dollar on contract, WebOS smartphones cannot be beat in the US
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    What he said!!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I agree with you guys too but I'm starting to think about how much stress cost? I mean when your phone sucks, is slow, has no apps, gets slow some more, that has to cause some kind of harm to the body, right? I still couldn't phantom paying $130 bucks a month but if I was like a wealthy Plastic surgeon or something I could definitely part with my money.
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    I agree we all had hoped that the pre would bring something similar to sprint but it has fallen way short, the part that bugs me is how does palm think they can charge the same price and not expect people to be upset. I know sprint has far better plans but I am comparing devices here not your cell provider.
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    Waiting an extra sec or two just doesn't bother me. It's a small price to pay for multi-tasking. The only thing and I do mean only thing about the iphone that makes me drool is the app store. Yes, I know that the app store is maybe 95% garbage but that five percent of sweet apps really makes me envious, especially the games.

    I can say one thing, I don't care if there are a bajillion apps in their app store I think ATT just rapes their customers. As long as they are charging extra for GPS with voice navigation they can blow me. ATT lousy network, paying extra for telenav, horrible customer service, no multitasking.....yeah I think I'll pass on that.
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    my phone is fast enough for me and its will get faster . i can wait lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Palms app catalog:413 apps

    38 duplicate apps thanks to developers releasing paid and free trial versions
    17 trivia apps
    15 dictionaries
    9 pic hunt games
    10 calculators (mostly tip calculators)
    5 stop watch
    6 radio
    not to sure on how many cheesy games that make atari look like an xbox 360 but there are a lot!

    palm app catalog actual app count 313 after 5 months on the market, which also has 95% crappy apps only much more basic with out the graphics and user interface!
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    When I talk about sluggishness I'm not waiting an extra second or two I'm waiting 10 seconds or more, not all the time but more than a little. That's reason enough on any other phone to suspect faulty hardware but on a Pre we classify that as the norm.

    Its gotten so bad that I've seriously just dumbed down my use of the Pre. Phone, Feed Reader, Email, that's it. I don't try to open any games or navi apps. I bought Classic for like 30bucks, Mytether another 20 I think, other little apps and I refuse to use them now. Classic and Mytether actually don't even work now from what I've read on the forums but hey I can multitask.

    Palm needs to open this phone completely to the public and stop this lock down they have on the OS and CPU. They are not Apple. Pay developers to get this crap on its feet. St steel some patents from Apple and suffer the consequences later. The general public can't homebrew a phone or justify the sluggishness because it can multitask like my grandma. I seriously feel bad for Pixi users, if the Pre is slow they must be going backwards in
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    I was just using a friends iphone 3gs ( i think thaths the name) and was matching it up with my pre, we where both on wifi, the iphone opens the you tube app or any other app for that matter right away but the app is empty and you must wait till the info starts loading in this case it took longer for the iphone to start getting the videos showing then it took for the pre, YES the application itself took time to load but when it did the videos where already there, in the ipone I had to wait, I noticed iphone does this with all there apps, the app opens and you must wait for the info and data to load where as the pre opens the app with the info already there.

    Palm calls this "percived load time" in other words the user thinks the app loads quicker but really is only seeing the app EMPTY, this can also be done on the pre if the developer puts certain parts of his code in the "activate function" rather than the "setup function", but thats for geeks.

    so next time you have a iphone next to your pre check if you can really "USE" the apps quicker or is it just showing you an empty app.
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    I have installed the SmartReflex Patch and it tskes three seconds to open the phone app and only three seconds to open the contacts app. If I open the phone app, punch in a number, press add to contacts, choose new number, it takes about eight seconds. If I have both the contacts and phone app open already, multi-tasking, it takes one second. Which way is better for you?
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    Well I don't have an iPhone 3gs I only own a iPod Touch 3g. I've read that the iPod Touch has a later version of the ARM Cortex-A8 family processor (339S0075 ARM) rather than the iPhone 3gs (339S0073 ARM). They also state the iPod Touch is faster so any tests will not be accurate.

    I still did a test however comparing the pre and touch on wifi and iPod Touch 3g won hands down. Google Maps loaded faster, Mail loaded faster, and Pandora. The webkit (internet) was on par with safari loading but the safari app still loaded up faster. Take into account when I say loading faster I mean I could literally load up google maps on the touch-close it-open it again-repeat this once more and still beat the Pre.

    Also @ rogerlsturgiss, I just installed the Smartreflex works a little faster so thats nice but its still no where near apple speeds.
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    The Pre was designed to have multiple apps open at the same time. If you enlarge an open app from card view, it takes less than a second for the app to load. If the Pre Battery was better, keeping several cards open at one time wouldn't be a problem. Too bad the Pre battery isn't better.
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    After using the Pre, the iPod Touch seems like walking BACK in time. Having to go up to the top of the screen to tap a back button instead of back gesture. Pushing the button to close the app, then load the next. Then push the button and find the previous and load back. Holy Cow, that just makes me want to throw the iPod Touch into a wall now.

    Don't get me started on how the notification system on WebOS, obliterates iPhone. There is NO comparison, unless you use the device just for games and entertainment. I actually like to get things done.
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    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    I dont have any smartflex or cpu scaling patches installed, my phone app literally comes up about a half second after pressing the icon, contacts and browser takes ~2 seconds, the only thing that doesnt pop up right away is messaging which clocks in at a hefty just under 4 seconds. Oh, and if a girl can't wait 10 seconds to give you her number...she must not be all that interested :/

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